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Gambling with Social Media: Facebook gambling

The Indian online casino market is a dynamic market. Just as you have recovered from one new app or live game, the other is already being launched. This ensures that you can always be surprised and you never have to be bored as a gambling enthusiast. Just when you think a plateau has been reached in innovation, the online casinos are one step ahead of you. Now it is possible to access the popular casino games, the classics and all kinds of slots from social media. The doors of the online casinos can be found via google +, MySpace and Facebook, only this time with a social touch.

Online casino with friends

You have probably been bothered with gaming invites where often the same person invites you to play together, for example, farmville. You can share this gaming fun together as if you were behind the playstation with two people in multiplayer mode. Only with these games there is no exciting gambling element, where you can possibly earn money and win each other’s money! Now this is possible. You can play all kinds of casino games within various social mediafind what you are used to playing at online casinos such as blackjack, texas hold ’em, poker and all kinds of slots. Instead of playing alone against the computer or against strangers, you can now play against or with your own friends. This makes it very easy to enjoy the casino tension together without having to organize a whole trip to the physical casino.

How does social media gambling work?

With social media gambling you do not need a separate online casino account as you are used to. With your Facebook account, for example, you can already enter the casinos. In most countries the social media do not yet have a real online casino status (in the United Kingdom), so they are not allowed to offer games where you can actually win money. Instead, most purchases are made within the app. You can then buy certain extras, benefits, game currency and the like that you have to pay with real money (or with Facebook credits). And this happens a lot (20 percent of casino game users do this), because the social media gambling industry annually converts nearly 3 trillion Rupees. The majority of this is raked in via Facebook.

As long as the social media casinos do not yet have legal status, you will not be able to win real money, on the one hand it is a shame if you happen to win a lot, but on the other hand it is safer against gambling addiction and perhaps also for your friendships. You can share your won games on Facebook, where people can still like it when you have a friend of yours with poker. In addition, the apps give you the chance to master all kinds of casino games and try them out, so that you can shine even more when you go to a real casino or if the social media casinos can play with real money here too.

Providers of social media gambling games

Most online casino enthusiasts are well aware of the software giants that make it possible to play with all kinds of table classics from the easy chair. In the social media gambling world, names such as NetEnt, Playtech and Microgaming do not come back, however, and there are other independent providers who develop software. We at casinotop10 therefore find it appropriate to introduce these new players to you.



This is the big boy behind most of the games that you can play with facebook. Especially with farmville, Zynga has gained much fame, but this gaming jack-of-all-trades now also develops in online casino games. Zynga is the father behind facebook poker (with which you can play for real money in some countries). This turned out to be good, because zynga poker alone converted a huge amount of money in a short time and quickly became extremely popular. In addition, Zynga also offers different slots, such as the Wizard of Oz slot where you play through the game and you go through different levels and are taken along in the wonderful story of Oz. They also have other slots, and just like with the poker apps, these can all be found for free via Facebook.

Big Fish Casino

Big fish casino

A second major casino game provider with Facebook is the Big Fish casino, where you – you guessed it – should go if you like to get a big fish. This casino focuses more on the true classics that are inextricably linked to gambling. For example, you can find craps, slots, blackjack and roulette games. The nice thing is that you can get all kinds of free spins, bonuses and other benefits as soon as you register at the Big Fish casino. So if you are new to the online casino world, then this facebook casino is most similar to how things usually work online. Unfortunately they are not allowed to pay any money yet, so for now you are playing for bacon and beans. With this game you can also make in-app purchases for extra credits.



The name speaks for itself and needs no further explanation: this is the facebook casino where you go if you love slots. You can play everything for free and there are all kinds of themes and types of slots, so there is something for everyone. This is a popular casino with five and a half million active users per day. There are video slots, classic slots, and every movie, pop star or cartoon character that is a little known has its own slot machine in between. Always nice to take a look around.


Nowadays, online gambling is also possible via social media, and although you cannot play here for real money, there is a lot of fun to share and share with your friends. There are different software providers, other than those you are used to in the ‘normal’ online casino world, but they all have their own identity and their own benefits. If you want to know how online casinos work for free, if you want to play blackjack with your friends or if you want to try a certain theme slot, it can now all be done simply via Facebook, and you don’t have to lose a Rupee on it.