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When it comes to scratch cards, and the countless prizes that can be won through these cards, the game play with scratch cards is no more than simple. The tangible scratch cards that you can find in casinos, cigar stores, supermarkets, gas stations and other licensed stores consist of no more than thin, cardboard cards with silver-gray squares that need to be scratched open to find out what the gambler in question might have won.

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You will only find out if you have won something if you have removed the silver-gray foil, with a combination often indicated on the back that can vary enormously, for example with different symbols, numbers or other signs that together make a good combination for a prize to be won to shape. When it comes to online scratch cards, one can use the mouse to simulate the open scratching of the silver-gray boxes, making the symbols visible. It is interesting to see with this form of gambling that the popularity of scratch cards has increased more than with any form of lotteries.

How do you receive the winnings with online scratch cards?

There are different ways you can collect prizes once you’ve won them on your scratch card, and the difference is mainly in the type of scratch card that you have purchased. With some scratch cards, for example, it is not intended that you scratch all the boxes open, so that with this type of scratch card you do everything for pure happiness and intuition. With other scratch cards you can pick up your price again at the address where you bought the card, or another address if that is indicated, while with other scratch cards you will receive a telephone number that you must call to collect your prize. Then there are scratch cards again where you receive the prizes in money, and you can win nice gadgets, vacations or electronics with other scratch cards. In the case of online scratch cards, which have existed since 2010 and operate via Macromedia Flash and Java, prizes are always collected online.

Why are scratch cards so popular? 

Scratch cards enjoy enormous popularity because of a whole bunch of positive factors. Not only do they cost little and are incredibly simple to play, but they have the added value that players have the opportunity to become winners right away, unlike players from other lotteries who have to wait for a specific day or draw. In addition to the very attractive prices of scratch cards, which have considerably increased popularity, there is now also an increasing demand for the more expensive scratch cards, which are in the price category of 20 to 30 Rupees and where the prices are also much higher (sometimes in the millions) ) although it must be said that because of their height, these prizes do not pay out immediately but often spread the payout over several years.

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How predictable are scratch cards? 

There is no casino game where there are no people looking for the snag or the ultimate trick to easily win a lot of money with minimal effort, and so there are numerous examples in the history of scratch cards gamblers who tried to increase the chances of winning prizes through calculations with statistics. Many people have done their research by looking at how much money was won with which combinations, or at what time in the lottery they had to buy a scratch card in order to have the best chance of a winning combination.

Yet it is interesting to see that tickets are still regularly sold at lotteries while all major prizes have already been won, since the scratch card seller does not decide where and to whom a winning scratch card goes and so makes a lottery because of the popularity around the odds (1 in 5 to 1 in 2.5) still gains.

If someone plays online scratch cards, this would not happen, because online casinos stop selling scratch cards as soon as all the big prizes are won. They then start a new lottery, with new prizes and new cards.

The history of scratch cards

The first game cards that were sold were developed manually until 1974. In that year, American Scientific Games Corporation was the first company to introduce a lottery that was generated by a computer. The company came up with a concept for a scratch card as we still use it today, more than thirteen years after Astro-Med Inc. from West Warwick, Rhode Island applied for and received a patent for producing the scratch cards. The first scratch cards had a simple format and players could scratch three squares, among which symbols or numbers were hidden. If then all three boxes had the same symbols, they would have won a prize. Over the years, scratch card design has been further developed and there are now several ways to win. In addition, themes have been added to the cards over the years, such as Harley Davidson, Major League Baseball, NASCAR and Marvel Comics, often with prizes linked to the themes, to make the cards even more attractive to the public. Today there are two companies that develop scratch cards. Scientific Games Corporation, with sister companiesChile, England, Canada, Brazil and Australia, and Pollard Banknote with factories in the United States and Canada.

Scratch yourself online for the ultimate victory!

Thanks to the ease with which scratch cards can be found and the fact that they cost so little, millions of people around the world can enjoy scratching a card and thumbs for a prize every day. Although many people really have to go out to buy their cards in a store to get their pleasure out of it, there is also just the possibility to play online, where you can play at any time from the comfort of your own home, with just few presses on a few buttons. So sit back, pour yourself a glass of good wine and scroll through our selected top list of online casinos, containing the best scratch cards with the best bonuses. Have fun and may luck be on your side!