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Play Online roulette in Indian Casinos, it is becoming more and more popular and this is partly due to the luck factor and the simple rules of the game. Moreover, it is a very exciting game. With online roulette you have 36 squares with numbers plus one or two zeros. You can choose from different bets, such as betting on a number, a color, or a combination of numbers. Next, we have to wait and see which number the roulette ball will land on. The payout percentages are already fixed in advance.

Here you can read everything you need to know about online roulette! From the best live roulette casinos, free roulette games to the most exclusive roulette variants; CasinoTop10 takes you along.

The best online roulette casinos

CasinoTop10 offers everything you need to successfully play online roulette. You can think of the game rules of roulette, strategy articles about roulette tactics, money management and probability calculation at online roulette. When you have read everything properly, you can also use our free flash roulette game to apply your skills in practice.

On the above top list of the best online roulette casinos you can see an overview of the online casinos that offer the best game selection of online roulette in combination with the best casino bonus. By means of a casino bonus you can greatly reduce the house advantage with roulette.

The editors of CasioTop10 have extensively tested the online casinos for the game offerings of online roulette. In addition, the first deposit bonus offered by an online casino has also been examined. Or a No Deposit Casino Bonus. By taking advantage of a first deposit bonus you can considerably reduce the house advantage with online roulette. Take advantage of the above top list of the best online roulette casinos!

What can you find on this page?

  • The best online roulette casinos
  • Online roulette game explanation, strategy & tactics
  • The reasons for trying online roulette

Why Play Roulette Online?

  • This beloved casino game has been extremely popular since the 18th century
  • Online roulette is a game of chance just like at a Holland Casino
  • Online roulette is easy to understand and play
  • The chance that you can win is high

Game rules

The rules of online roulette are very simple. In fact, you only need to know what the various betting options are and what the corresponding payout percentages are. Furthermore, it is a matter of betting and waiting to see if you are lucky.

Roulette game rules
If you look at a roulette wheel, you will see a playing field with the numbers 0, 00 and 1 to 36. The numbers are alternately black and red. The wheel next to the playing field contains the same numbers as the squares. The roulette ball can fall into one of those boxes after a spin.

Bet Options on Roulette
The field of play also includes side bets, areas that indicate red or black, even or odd, first, second or third column, first, second or third dozen and first half (1-18) and second half (19-36). If you deposit your money at a live roulette table, you will receive a corresponding amount of chips with a specific color. The chips are from the same group. The color is just to distinguish your chips from the others playing at the table.

How to bet on Roulette
Depending on the table limits, you can place as many chips as you want anywhere on the playing field. Chips that are placed on a number pay out if the ball lands on that number in the wheel. You can also divide your bet between two, four or six numbers, but you will be paid less than if you win with just one square. You can also place your chips on one of the side bets or on zero or double-zero. As long as you meet the minimum and maximum bet requirements of the table, you can distribute your chips on the playing field how you want. This is even possible if the ball spins in the wheel, until the croupier announces “rien-ne-va-plu“.

How to win at Roulette

Players are paid out according to the odds that their number would fall if there were no zero or double zero. E.g. a bet on a single number pays 35-1 and a bet on black pays 1-1. European roulette wheels have only 1 zero, which is to the player’s advantage. 

Online roulette tactics and useful tips

There are quite a lot of different opinions when it comes to the right tactics with online roulette. Although there are people who are convinced that there is an optimal system, there are also enough people who say the opposite. What is important to realize in any case is that you should be lucky with online roulette. It is, of course, possible to limit the risk by deploying more spreadably.

Roulette tactic is knowing the difference between the different types of games, but also being able to estimate the different types of bets and odds. There are several Roulette tactics that can help you maximize your chances of winning and ensure that you develop a playing style that suits you well. Let’s see which Roulette tactics can be useful for you in order to maximize your performance and enjoyment in Roulette.

Roulette Tactics I – Choose Your Game
The first in the list of useful Roulette tactics is twisted simple. The first, most valuable and almost mandatory advice is: play European Roulette. With this game variant, unlike American Roulette, you only have one single zero on the roulette wheel. With American roulette you have the zero and the double zero, so your chances of winning decrease considerably. Calculations show that the house share with American Roulette at 5.26% is twice as high as with European Roulette. Maintaining a healthy roulette tactic therefore requires that you always and everywhere play the European version of Roulette and thus not unnecessarily sponsor the casino with a house share of only 2.7%.

Roulette Tactics II – Know Your Chances
Roulette is a fairly simple game for mathematicians and even non-mathematicians to understand. With European roulette you have the numbers from 1 to 36 and the zero, you get 35 times your bet if you put your chips on the right number. The casino always makes a profit in the long run, but you can win a lot in the short run! Nevertheless, it is a good roulette tactic to know your chances well and to know that you can play roulette for fun, but you should not expect golden mountains. It is a wisdom that applies to more casino games, but with Roulette this is even more important. There is no way you can bet better or worse or develop a certain system to beat Roulette. Keep this Roulette tactic in mind and you will experience more pleasure and less frustration during your hours at the Roulette table.

Roulette Tactics III – Play in your Style
One roulette player likes to gamble hard and high, with the risk of losing everything at once, but with the hope of a big hit. The other player prefers to spend a little longer with his money, is satisfied with a somewhat lower profit and enjoys a quiet game of roulette. It is entirely up to you to determine which style suits you best. There are many different types of bets that you can use to determine and influence your game progress. If you like fast and risky roulette, then it is an excellent Roulette tactic to bet a lot on 1 number. However, if you want to enjoy the game quietly, then it is a better Roulette tactic to put on red or black, or even or odd. You then have a big chance of winning a little bit, but you can enjoy your money and the game of Roulette a lot longer.

Online Roulette

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Money management at roulette

Good money management can help you on your way to a successful and enjoyable roulette experience. The simple fact is that you cannot play if you have no money. In addition, if you lose more than you are willing, you will not enjoy the game. There are some strategies to help you manage your bankroll responsibly when you play roulette.

Strategy No. 1 for roulette money management: Set up a budget
It makes no sense to be sent home after three rounds. Think about how much and how often you want to bet. Instead of randomly distributing chips over the playing field, plan that you bet 20 chips at a time.

If a roulette round lasts a minute from the beginning to the end, then that is 1,800 chips per hour. If you play for five hours, you will need 9,000 chips if you never win. It is of course unlikely that you will never win, but you do want to have enough chips with you to survive a long breakdown period.

If you prefer to play inside bets, you need a bigger budget because inside bets don’t come that often. For outside bets you need a much smaller budget.

Strategy no. 2 for roulette money management: Avoid the Martingale System.
Some roulette players think that a Martingale system, where you double your bet every time you lose, works at roulette. Using a system can quickly ruin your budget. It usually takes only a short breakdown period of seven to ten rounds to sit against the betting limit of the house, or to ensure that you have no chips to continue. If you need to use a system, use a progressive system that allows you to increase your bet if you win and not if you lose.

Online Roulette Variations

American roulette
American roulette, the first version of American roulette is the most popular on the internet. The American design of the roulette wheel is striking (and different from the European counterpart) because it has a single and double zero slot. These slots are both green.

The standard edge of the house at American roulette is around 5.26 percent. This house edge is higher than with other popular casino games such as craps and blackjack, which often have house edges that are only 1 percent. But you do not play roulette for gambling, but for the pleasure it gives you.

European roulette
Another important variant is the European roulette. That is almost identical to the American model, but a slight difference provides a different gaming experience. The European wheel has no slot with two zeros. This has enormous consequences for the house edge, which is only 2.63 percent. Now you understand why people claim that Europeans really know how to live!

Royale roulette
Roulette Royale is another popular variation where you can win a progressive jackpot if you have five numbers in a row. A progressive jackpot is constantly growing as more players bet online and can quickly take on very large proportions. A progressive jackpot of several million is no exception!

Roulette Royale was designed with two types of bets, inside and outside bets. With an inside bet you bet on a roulette number between 0-36 (depending on the number of pockets on the wheel), while with an outside bet you bet on red or black or on different combinations of numbers.

French roulette
Finally we have to look at the variation with the name French roulette. This game has two types of outside bets: boxes and even-money bets. There are also call bets that are based on a prediction of where the ball will fall within a larger gambling action. French roulette is definitely the most complex variation that you can play better if you have mastered the basic versions.

The most important thing to remember is that you have an almost infinite number of options for playing online roulette. Look for the variation that suits you best.

Roulette – ‘Check yourself before you wreck yourself’

Despite the fact that roulette online is one of the easiest gambling games, that does not mean that you should not take the time to become familiar with roulette as a sailor with his knots. In fact, the best thing you can do to boost your luck is by practicing with free roulette! That’s just possible here at one of the roulette games here on the CasinoTop10 site! Or of course at one of the specially selected online roulette casinos from our top list (you can also read impartial reviews about each casino here which will give you more information about possible casinos to choose from). As soon as you see that wheel on your screen, it’s really just a matter of immediately starting to play, but since we only want the best for all our players at, we have gone one step further. For example, we have prepared some tips that we would like to have had ourselves when we were still benjamins in the woods of the casino. We believe that prospective players can profit well from it. You can find them by taking a look at this list. These are the tips:

  • Read the rules and strategy carefully – although roulette is primarily a game of luck – it does not mean that no advantage can be gained. You can even reduce the house edge that American roulette is famous for. Treat the knowledge you can gain about roulette online as you would treat a project or assignment, you can always learn more!
  • Decide which variant you want to play – preferably European. If you have read this page correctly, you must know why!
  • Choose a top roulette online site – the sites listed above are all safe and fair. Don’t just blindly rely on an old casino – they are not all equally good! Find a site that you trust and remember the right addresses.
  • Make sure you understand the bonus terms and conditions at your chosen casino. In the world we live in today, only a fool does not read the lowercase – don’t try to follow in his footsteps.
  • Do not believe a word from people who claim to have discovered a “winning system”. Gamblers are renowned exaggerators, but as your mother no doubt told you when you were younger, the best mates are still ashore.

Enjoy the game – playing internet roulette is a great form of entertainment in the first place. Too many people only play to win and therefore experience sadness, frustration and depression when things don’t go the way they intended. Which in turn can lead to poor decision-making. Never forget that casino games are no more than casino games. Your success or failure as a person does not depend on how great your last win was or how great your loss was. New round, new opportunities.

Free online roulette flash game

When you have read the rules and other useful tips, you can first use our free online roulette flash game before you start playing online roulette for real money. This free flash game is similar to online roulette at an online casino, but with the difference that you play for playmoney instead of real money.

Live roulette dealers

One of the newest innovations of online casinos is the live deal. You can also opt for live dealers for online roulette. That means that you can see live dealers through a webcam who are running the roulette ball. You can also ask the dealer questions and also chat with your table companions. The live roulette provides an even more realistic gaming experience, comparable to a visit to a local casino.

Netent Roulette

When we talk about the game variation, the focus of Netent is of course on slots. They can put the most creativity into it, and there are often many themes available. If you want to know more about the differences and history of slots, click here. Online Roulette is often divided into three variants, you have European Roulette, American Roulette and French Roulette. The differences are in the number of zeros on the roulette wheel. Where American Roulette has 2 zeros, with French and European it is only 1 zero. The fewer zeros you have, the better the chance is, so for a simple tip you’d rather play European Roulette. There is not much difference between European and French Roulette. Below you can find a clear example of a Netent roulette game.

As you can see, the design is simple, but soothing. The size of the buttons and chips has been carefully considered, the use of color is as you know it at a real roulette table, and that is why it radiates recognisability and reliability. In the top right corner you can find the “Hot” and “Cold” numbers. Which of course means that a lot has come up on the “hot” numbers and little on the “cold”. This is a handy way to better place your bet. It is often indicated on the table itself how much you can bet and, of course, the minimum that you can bet at a time. What takes some getting used to is the button to start the game. The button is in the right corner and looks more like a reload button like you’re used to with internet browsers.

Once the ball has fallen, you see the correct number light up on the roulette board, and either money comes your way, or you see your coins disappear in the online casino.

In general, Netent is not available everywhere, but the online casinos that do have their software are very sensible. It is a great platform, and pays out huge casino bonuses. We are very proud to recommend your Netent, and if there is anything about their software and / or service, please send us a message so we can help you further.

Frequently asked questions – Online Roulette

1. Can I also play live roulette?

Yes, live roulette is one of the most popular and widely offered games in the live casinos. Expect dozens of variants with all kinds of great extra features. Look at our top list for the best live roulette casinos!

2. What is the best roulette site at the moment?

We would like to refer you to our top list with the 10 ten best online roulette casinos. This list is updated very regularly, so you can count on it that you will find the most reliable and fun roulette games of this moment.

3. Where can I play roulette for free?

You can play roulette for free in the flash game of our website, or navigate through our top list to a roulette casino that offers online roulette in demo version. This way you can practice your own roulette bets without depositing money!

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