Online Casino Sticky Bonus

Whether you are a seasoned gambler or entering the casino rodeo for the first time, you will certainly have heard about the different types of bonuses offered to players who dare to try their luck on the web. Meanwhile, the sticky bonus is one that not many players are familiar with, but that does not mean that this knowledge must be relegated to the shadows. Here is a little explanation about the Sticky Bonus to help differentiate between the many types of bonuses on your casino trip.

What is a sticky bonus?

The sticky bonus is one of the new faces in the bonus arsenal and can be found at the online casinos that target the larger publishers of the online casino scene, as it is important to keep players loyal. Although a large number of online casinos today give a bonus for the original amount you deposit, sticky bonuses are usually offered to players of popular classic games such as Craps, roulette, and blackjack. However, while sticky bonuses manifest themselves in the same way as traditional bonuses (by offering an amount to be credited to your casino account), the amounts involved are quite large, sometimes even more than 300%.

How do sticky bonuses differ from normal bonuses?

The great thing about the sticky bonus is that it is often not strictly limited by the terms and conditions that many standard casino bonuses hold, which makes the sticky bonus a bit of a rebel. The biggest difference between the sticky and the normal bonus is that customers are unable to withdraw the original bonus amount as they are used to with a normal bonus. Normal casino bonuses can be withdrawn by players as soon as the wagering requirements are met, but when it comes to the sticky bonus the players can withdraw their own funds and money they earn, however, the primary, original bonus amount cannot be exchanged for cash and stays in your casino account. For example, if you have registered at an online casino, it will allow you to withdraw all the money that you have won AND what you originally deposited once you have met the wagering requirements. The bonus in question is therefore not ‘sticky’. It is therefore logical that the vast majority of players will choose to go for the last, non-sticky bonus option given the choice. Since this seems to be less complicated and they are then able to withdraw money from their bonus as well as the money from the profit they have made.

What are the benefits of a sticky bonus?

Although some people opt for non-sticky bonuses directly without questioning their own choice, the fact that sticky bonuses are a wonderfully efficient way to improve your game and get started in the best possible way – with an enormously high initial balance. Due to the fact that the sticky bonus gives the players a lot more start-up money than traditional bonuses and usually matches 200% to 400% on the player’s first deposit, this significantly increases the chance of making big wins. That said, it is of the utmost importance that you have a thick bank roll before you start playing with a sticky bonus, otherwise you may end up losing much more than you win. The reality is that many players get stuck with certain online casinos when they see how substantial the sum of the welcome bonus is and start playing in their haste. They often have not taken the time to read the conditions and read them carefully, and moreover they do not realize whether they have registered for a sticky bonus or not. Unfortunately, many players only realize their mistake if it is already too late and they try in vain to withdraw their first deposit. What actually happens in a nutshell is that the sticky bonus is removed as soon as one tries to withdraw it. So the moral of this story is that you must always read the terms and rules of your bonus carefully before you can take the plunge.

How can I identify a sticky bonus?

When you start playing regularly at online casinos, you will quickly get used to the jargon used to describe things that newbies always seem to confuse. And if you are not sure what certain things mean, you can always look it up. When it comes to the sticky bonus, you should always keep your eyes open for phrases like “only for gaming or betting purposes” or even better, take the time to do some online research and research on which casinos do sticky bonuses If you don’t know where to start and are afraid of the possibility of being misled, it is best to read some impartial online reviews about the casinos in question. In the same way that you would not just walk outside and buy a new car without having done your homework and ensure that you have dealt with all possible problems, you will not simply be sucked into paying for what sounds as a great offer without first having to do the necessary online research. Doing a good online research – and checking and checking everything is the easiest way to learn about the online casino bonuses of your choice, since most online casinos are very ambiguous about how they advertise their offers on their own sites. And unfortunately, some are even deliberately set out to confuse the player in making costly decisions. Don’t be the person who will soon cry for wasted poker chips!

What are the different types of sticky bonuses?

Although some casinos label their sticky bonuses as ‘Deposit-Only Bonus’ or ‘non-collectable bonus’, two types of sticky bonuses can in principle be distinguished: the ‘disappearing sticky bonus’ – the disappearing bonus – and the ‘Expiration date’ sticky bonus’ – the bonus with an expiration date. Below is a description of both, so you know what to expect when you start hunting:

The ‘Disappearing Sticky Bonus’

The Disappearing Sticky Bonus has the creepy quality to disappear once the players complete their first cash withdrawal. This type of sticky bonus is the most common form of sign-up bonus and in fact these bonuses truly earn the nickname of “phantom bonuses,” or ghost bonuses. With this type of sticky bonus it is important to keep in mind that you will be able to keep your bonus until you make your first payout, not a second longer. Once you press that withdrawal button, the full bonus amount will disappear in smoke and there is no way to bring this bonus back to life!

The ‘Expiration Date Sticky Bonus’

The sticky bonus with an expiration date distinguishes itself by remaining on your account balance after a withdrawal has been made, and will in principle remain until a predetermined date. However, as tempting as this beautiful feature sounds, the problem with this type of bonus is that it is quite rare to find one. It is interesting to note that although a Sticky Bonus with an expiration date cannot be withdrawn, it will in any case not play a disappearing trick when players make a withdrawal, such as the disappearing sticky bonus. So if you have 100 Rupees bonus money, 100 Rupees when you made the original deposit and gained another 100 Rupees in profit, you can still withdraw 200 Rupees out of 300 if you want. If you indeed decide to withdraw your winnings at that time, there will still be 100 Rupees left in your online casino account, which means that you can continue to play to your heart’s content and win even more money.

If you have a choice between the disappearing sticky bonus and the sticky bonus with an expiration date, you must of course choose the latter. However, apart from the fact that this type of sticky bonus is quite hard to find, the common thread in the story is that you, as a player, must always read the fine print before attempting to claim your money. The advantage of a sticky bonus without an expiration date is that you are more likely to win money that you can withdraw from your account later while you have to pay less.

Be warned about withdrawing money

It is absolutely essential that you are extremely vigilant when you decide to withdraw funds if you have active bonuses, since many online casinos have a clause in their terms and conditions which basically states that if the player tries to withdraw money before the deployment requirements are met, the bonus and all winnings are invalidated. As a player, it is your duty to be aware of this, and to know which games can be used to clear your bonus, as it may be that not all games from the casino are the same here. There are indeed a large number of gambling sites that clearly state that you will not be allowed to use certain games to meet wagering requirements, and it is your job to diligently weed the weeds and decide which casino system is best works for you. Unfortunately, there are even sneaky casinos whose terms state that if you place a bet on a limited game, the entire bonus and all your winnings will be withdrawn. If you are ever in doubt about what the rules of the casino are, do not hesitate and always contact customer service and ask them what to do and make sure you have tangible proof of what has been said. Always remember that nobody is responsible for you and your winnings, except yourself!

Get sticky!

When you become a sticky bonus hunter, you should always keep in mind that the name of this bonus describes that your bonus will always stick to the casino. You can of course withdraw any winnings you make, but the bonus money itself will never be able to leave the casino. While this may not sound like the best news ever for potential players, there are certainly benefits to getting a sticky bonus as you can get started with your bonus money immediately (which means you will be better able to meet the wagering requirements before you run out of money). Of course, the main drawback – apart from the fact that you can not withdraw the bonus money – you will not be able to both hands to grab the cold, tough pietmen on which most players thrive. If you choose to go the route of the sticky bonuses, always read the fine print as mentioned and make sure you understand exactly what you are starting before you start the game. Here at, we not only have the casinos with the best bonuses on the web, but we are also proud to give the players the facts without extra frills. So why not sit back, relax and browse through our top list – you won’t regret sticking with us!