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Of course, the most comprehensive casino guide in India also includes an overview of the best Indian online casinos. More and more people are discovering the benefits of Indian online casinos, but it is of course nice to be able to read the rules and manuals of a casino game in Hindi. In addition, some people also find it a big advantage when an online casino offers Hindi customer service. Discover everything about the best online and most reliable casinos from our own country. Play legally and reliably at online casinos India.

Online casino India

Best Online Casino India 2020

All websites, software and manuals of online casinos are always standard in English. In recent years, however, playing online casino games has become very popular. Since a computer and an internet connection are basically the only requirements to be able to play online casino games, online casinos can count on customers who come from all over the world.

The rise of Indian casinos

As a result, the major online casinos in particular have decided to have their software translated into more and more different languages ​​in order to attract new customers more easily. After all, it is so nice for many people to be able to read the rules and manuals in their native language.

Since India is an interesting target group for online casinos because of our interest in online gambling, almost all major online casinos nowadays offer the possibility to download a Hindi version of the online casino software.

The good news is that the major online casinos have all translated their software and game rules into Hindi. When installing the casino software you can also opt for the Indian software. However, some online casinos go one step further and focus specifically on the Indian market. This means that, among other things, they offer Hindi customer service. These online casinos India, however, offer even more benefits, such as the support of Bitcoin (which can be viewed in Bitcoin Online Casino) and the organization of special promotions that are in line with the holidays and holidays of the Indians.

Benefits of Indian Online Casinos:

  • Pay with Bitcoin, so without a credit card!
  • Have a Hindi customer service
  • Know the game preferences of the Indian
  • Are about to be legalized

The best Indian online casinos

On this page you can see an overview of the best Indian casinos. This way you can quickly see which Indian casino offers the best casino bonus and on the right you can click on “ review ” at every Indian casino to read an extensive casino review. Here you will find all information about the game offer, the casino software, customer service, payment methods, promotions, the reputation of the casino and much more!

What makes an Online Casino India a Best Online Casino IN?

Indian online casino software

When you download the casino software from an Indian online casino, you can opt for the Hindi version. The software is entirely in Hindi, such as the lobby, game rules and all manuals of the games. Especially when you have trouble with the English language, the Hindi software of an Indian casino is very pleasant.

Online Casino India and customer service

Some Indian online casinos also offer support through customer service in their own language. You can then simply ask your questions in Hindi, making it a lot easier to communicate.

Special promotions

Indian online casinos often organize special promotions tailored to Indians’ holidays or holidays. During the holidays you can often count on spectacular promotions, making it even more attractive to play your favorite online casino game at an Indian online casino.

The ability to deposit with Neteller

Indian online casinos generally offer the option to deposit with a payment method such as Neteller. A lot of Indians nowadays use Neteller to easily deposit money.

Convenience and Comfort of online Casino IN

As soon as you enter a good online casino in India, it feels like coming home. Gamble in your own favorite casino, where you understand exactly what is happening. The rules are in Hindi, the conditions are in Hindi, every explanation of every possible process (signing up, depositing money, withdrawing money, receiving bonus) is in Hindi. If you still can’t figure it out? Then you check the FAQ or call customer service, because they are – yes, Hindi too. Most Indian Online casinos nowadays are no longer small businesses, which means that customer service is often available 24/7 via different media. Think of live chat, mail and telephone. For Indians this is very nice because (especially with the more complex problems) sometimes difficult words and jargon are involved when you want to clarify a problem at an English-speaking casino.

Casino Online India

Another point of convenience are the payment methods that you can use here in India. Suppose you don’t have a creditcard or don’t want to pay with a credit card, then most Indian Online Casinos often offer the option to pay with Skrill. That’s great, because then you can deposit and withdraw money via internet banking. You can also deposit via Paysafecard if you have just purchased such a card at your local store. An overview of the Paysafecard casinos is also available on our site. In addition, you will have much less hassle with all kinds of verification processes that are often asked of you in English-speaking casinos, or with lengthy processing times before your winnings are finally on your account. The Indian Casinos are tailor-made for the Indian customer, and these are exactly the things you notice that specialization in.

Bonuses and Promotions offered by an Online Casino India

Indian Online Casinos do their best to attract as many Indian gamblers as possible. That is why they are often very generous with the bonuses they can give to their countrymen. For new users, these can be high-rising welcome bonuses, where your first deposit can be compensated to more than 100%, and up to hundreds of Rupees. Often you can also get good reload bonuses for every time you make an extra deposit, or you can get ‘free money’ or spins when signing up or a second deposit or by playing a lot at the relevant Indian online casino. For the high-rollers, specific programs (VIP) have been developed where you can get personal assistance, exclusive VIP lobbies, all kinds of extra benefits or even trips. Who doesn’t want that? Some India online casinos also offer No Deposit Bonuses!

Indian Online Casinos and Live Dealers

Another good reason to play at Indian online casinos is that they often offer a live casino nowadays. This is the place to be if you are looking for a gambling experience that is as realistic as possible that is not inferior to gambling at a physical casino. From the studio of the online casino India, dealers are streamed live to your computer who are there for you with real cards, real tables and real chips. Casino Classics such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker can often be played here, as if you were taking a seat in a real casino, but then at home from your own bank. This very popular live dealer option was until recently only possible in the better English-speaking casinos, but is now also available with Indian dealers! If you do not know this phenomenon yet, it is highly recommended to give it a try, especially now that the live casino has literally come so close. Nowadays you can also play online virtual reality casino games. This is a very nice way to make more use of your VR set, or your phone. 

International versus Indian online Casinos

The Indian online casinos are in no way inferior to the major international online casinos. In this way you can also enjoy high casino bonuses, many ongoing casino promotions, an extensive range of games, excellent customer service and a VIP treatment for High Rollers at online casino India. Indian online casinos also take the same security measures when it comes to safety.

Experience the benefits of an online casino in India for yourself

Given the benefits that Indian online casinos offer, it is definitely worth trying an Indian online casino. Take advantage of the top list of CT10’s best online casino India and you can count on a pleasant gaming experience!

We recommend the Indian Online Casinos above. They are always focused on Indians, offering all the right services for Indians.

The Indian Online Casinos FAQ

1. Are the chances of winning at Indian Casinos as good as at English casinos?

Yes, the fact that an online casino uses Hindi as the official language makes no difference to the outcome of the games. The chances of winning at an Indian Online Casino will therefore be the same as at English casinos. In our reviews we always indicate on which software an online casino runs, and this gives a better estimate of the chances of winning.

2. Is online gambling in India not illegal?

Currently the Indian government is busy legalizing the online casinos India and online gambling. Some casinos currently still refuse visitors with an Indian IP address, but other online casinos accept Indian players. In the near future, online gambling will also be legal in our country!

3. Do Indian live casinos also have live roulette?

Absolutely! Online roulette is extremely popular in India, so you can count on the Indian online casinos having a nice selection of live roulette. You can even communicate with live dealers in Hindi! As if you are at a physical Indian Casino.