No Download Casino

No Download Casinos are – as the name suggests – casinos that you do not have to download and install. Instead, you play directly from your browser. The biggest difference between a Download casino and a No Download Casino is in the use of Flash (software from Adobe) or Java, which simply means that the games of the online casino can be played in practically every internet browser. Playing in a No Download Casino has several advantages.

Download casinos and no download casinos

One is that a No Download Casino does not take up space on the hard drive of your PC or laptop. In the future, players will increasingly see HTML5 games on their mobile and PC in their favorite casinos. That’s good news, HTML5 games are known for their great graphics, speed and the fact that they are suitable for almost every platform and operating system. HTML5 is the future of no download casino games. Wanted to play right away? Check our list with only the very best No Download Casinos. Naturally selected with the greatest possible care.

In addition to the fact that you do not have to download casino software, a casino without download also offers several advantages. So you can play online casino games from anywhere, either with friends or from a vacation address. The only thing you need is a computer with an internet connection.

CasinoTop10 has compiled a special top list of the best no download casinos. In addition to the fact that these online casinos offer playing casino games from an internet browser, you can also benefit from a generous casino bonus at the online casinos. Use it to your advantage!

When the online casinos were just emerging, you first had to download the casino software before you could start playing online casino games. Nowadays we call these casinos download casinos, because in the meantime there are several possibilities to play online casino games, namely simply through your internet browser, such as google chrome, mozilla firefox or internet explorer. Online casinos that offer flash or java games are also called no download casinos.

The development of no download casinos

In the beginning, the offer of the no download casinos was quite poor. The range of games was not great, but the quality of the online casino games often left something to be desired. The java or flash games were anything but smooth and this meant that this version of playing online casino games did not really work in the beginning.

In the meantime we have been many years further and the development has not stopped. Nowadays you can choose from hundreds of different flash or java games and the quality is almost the same as that of the casino games of the casino software. The casino games hardly falter anymore, so you can count on a pleasant gaming experience with a wide choice when it comes to online casino games.

No download casinos in development

To play the full range of casino games it is necessary to download and install a software package on your PC or laptop. The software package is the crème de la crème of what the casino has to offer. An atmospheric lobby, authentic sound effects, live dealer games and the very best graphics. For some online casino visitors, however, downloading the full software package is not the best option. If you have an older computer, it can take a lot of processing power to run the downloaded casino software. It is even possible that the software demands so much from your PC that it becomes considerably slower. Every casino game takes normalspeaking between 1 MB and 30 MB of space, so if you are already struggling with an overcrowded hard drive, downloading the online casino software is not a good idea. In such situations, No Download Casinos are a fantastic option because you can play there without having to download anything! You do need the supported software of Adobe Flash, Java, or HTML5. Fortunately, most players have usually installed this software on their computers.

Nowadays, most online casinos offer two variants, namely the download casino games and the no download casino games.

First try the flash or java casino games

If you want to try out an online casino but do not want to download the casino software right away, you can first try out the flash or java games. If you like these online casino games, you can still download the casino software later if desired.

I have a Mac or Linux operating system – can I also play casino games in my browser?

Some casino software platforms are designed for Windows only, so if you were planning to play on a Mac or Linux computer, you may not be able to download software at all. Because this is a serious problem for some of the gamblers, casinos are increasingly meeting their customers with specially designed downloads for Mac. This does not apply to all casinos, by the way. The best option players have in this situation is to play in a No Download Casino, because they don’t have to install or download anything. Players who play from their phones will usually also choose the no download option. Online casinos have developed a special smartphone version for this.

In other words, No Download Casinos are designed from the idea that they can run on any operating system, including Mac and Linux. You can log in to a No Download Casino anywhere in the world and never have to install or remove any software from your computer. A nice extra is that you can also visit the No Download Casinos with your smartphone. This way you can play your favorite casino games anywhere, anytime, wherever you are!

Privacy in a No Download Casino

There are enough players who do not install casino software on their computers in advance for various reasons. For example, they share a computer with family or friends, which makes it possible for others to log in to the casino account, because data such as the username and password are saved automatically. A player may prefer to keep his playing habits secret. Downloaded software is not the most discreet option in that regard. Are there alternatives? Yes, the No Download Casino offers complete privacy and does not load tracks on your computer, since the game is loaded in your browser. Just don’t forget to clear your history if you want to keep your gambling behavior hidden.

No Download Casino safety

The games and the No Download Casino are well protected. Nevertheless, be careful if you play on a shared or public computer, for example in a library or internet café. Always delete the browser history when you have finished playing. And even more important : don’t forget to log out afterwards.

Graphics and sound quality

The times when no download casino games had little to offer in terms of graphics and sound are over. Logically there is still a difference with the downloaded casino software, but that difference is no longer huge. In recent years the no download casino software has developed at lightning speed, so you can enjoy a great online gaming experience without having to download any software.

The game offer in a No Download Casino

Because you do not have access to the downloaded casino software, the game selection is slightly less extensive in a No Download Casino. But no worries, there are still plenty of options. Numerous popular games are at your disposal, from slots, Craps, Baccarat, Pai gow and Keno, to Roulette and Blackjack. The only difference lies in the fact that the downloaded version has more options available per game. However, there is still plenty to choose from. For example, if you play the slot machines, you have countless slot games to choose in a No Download Casino. If you choose to download the full software, you have even more slots to play on.

Advantages of a No Download Casino

The benefits of playing in a No Download or ‘Flash’ casino are obvious. We’ve listed a few for you when you play a Flash game:

  • All you need is a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari to play your favorite online casino games.
  • Open your browser on your computer. You can use a PC, Mac or Linux computer. Log in and within a few minutes you will start playing.
  • Your account is in no way connected to your home computer. All transactions are encrypted and have excellent security. 
  • If you have an extremely fast internet connection you will notice that the gameplay is also faster.
  • For Mac fans, playing in a No Download Casino has been the standard procedure for many years, as few casinos have made their software available for Mac download. We see that this will definitely change in the coming years, but for now Mac users are in most cases sentenced to play in a No Download Casino. Not that they mind. Most swear by playing in a No Download Casino, simply because Flash performs great.
  • You do not have to download and install any software. This saves you valuable space on your hard drive. This also ensures that your privacy is guaranteed because there are no traces on your computer.
  • You do not have to download and install every software update. Because you don’t have to download anything, you are able to hop from Flash Casino to Flash Casino as often as you like. Fancy a different game or different graphics? The switch to another No Download casino is made in no time.
  • Playing in a No Download Casino is very suitable for players who are often on the road and traveling. Also ideal when you are playing someone else’s laptop or PC.
Advantages of No Download Casino

Disadvantages of No Download Casinos

In the past it was fairly easy to identify the major drawbacks of No Download Indian Casinos. The range of games was limited and the quality was not as high as it is today. The difference between the two different casinos is getting smaller and smaller. Because the software of the No Download Casino has undergone considerable development, nowadays there are more advantages than disadvantages to playing in a No Download Casino. Yet there are some things that we want to point out to you as a player:

  • The No Download Casinos often offer a less extensive range of games compared to the software of the Download Casinos (normally about 60-100 casino games out of a total offering of 200-300 casino games). Quite a difference, which is crucial for some players.
  • There may be a more limited range of games, but the largest games can simply be played, even though they offer slightly less variation, for example with slots and video poker. In recent years, the range has expanded considerably, with more and more online casinos offering an ever-greater selection of games in their no download software.
  • If you have a slow internet connection, loading the Flash games will be slow.
  • There is a chance that your browser will crash, which will automatically close the game.

No Download Casino in Adobe Flash, Java and HTML5

To play in a No Download Casino it is necessary that you have Adobe Flash Player, Java or the newer HTML5 software. They are essential components, necessary to experience the online gaming experience of No Download Casinos. It is the fuel on which the graphics, sound and animations run. Both Adobe Flash Player, Java and HTML5 can be downloaded online for free. We list the most important differences for you.

Adobe Flash Player is the most important of all software application plug-ins for No Download Casinos. In fact, No Download Casinos are often labeled as a Flash game because of the use of the Flash Player, a free downloadable software from Adobe, known for programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Indesign and Acrobat. Adobe has had the Flash Player since 2005 and has been constantly developing and updating this plug-in ever since.

The Adobe Flash Player allows players to play their favorite games for free, while enjoying the best graphics and sound. Adobe Flash Player has several aspects that contribute to the fact that a No Download Game is an excellent alternative to a downloaded casino game. The application was built to run 3D and 2D games, which is looking for players to get an almost cinematic experience presented. Games that are played with the Flash Player can be played in full screen in the major web browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome. Whether you use a MacWindows or Linux, this is a great oneplug-in for players who have limitations due to their operating system. Both your mouse and keyboard are fully supported, which is of course of great importance when you are playing your favorite game. The color palette has been expertly designed by the developers of the Flash Player, which raises the visual quality of the games played to a very high level. What is also great about the Flash Player is the support of high-resolution bitmap, caching and decoding, which gives you an exceptional gaming experience when it comes to playing online casino games.

Most online casino game developers work closely with Adobe Flash Player to ensure that all games take full advantage of the possibilities that Flash has to offer in terms of video, audio, animations and effects. The online casino games will only work if the Flash Player is installed. If Flash is not yet installed on your computer, you can go to the Adobe website, select the Flash Player and immediately download and install it for free. If the Flash Player is already on your computer, we advise you to check whether you have the most recent version. If not, just update so that you can take advantage of all the beauty that the Flash Player has to offer. It definitely improves your online casino experience. We summarize the pros and cons of the Flash Player for you:


  • Automatically downloaded during every browser update
  • Free to download and update
  • All top online game developers make use of it
  • High-resolution bitmap support
  • Complete control of keyboard and mouse
  • Cinematic 3D and 2D visuals
  • Available on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Games can be played in full screen
  • Supports high quality audio, graphics and animations
  • The most used No Download Casino platform


  • Browsing crashes occur regularly, so keep this possibility in mind while playing an online casino game
  • You must always keep the Flash Player up-to-date so that it always works in your constantly changing internet browser version
  • There is a possibility that Adobe will stop supporting the Flash Player in a few years
  • The Adobe Flash Player is not available on mobile devices that run on iOS, such as the iPhone and iPad.

Java Online Casino’s

Java, or JavaScript, is a programming language used by more than nine million developers worldwide. Because Java codes work on all drivers, it doesn’t matter if you have a Mac, Windows or Linux. This makes Java also very suitable for online casino games. Java was developed by James Gosling of Sun Microsystems, now taken over by Oracle Corporation. It allows developers to write open-ended applications.

Play in your browser without downloading the casino

Java Runtime Environment is normally installed on your computer in advance. If this is not the case, go to the Java website, where you can download the Java Virtual Machine to play all no download casino games. Java does not update simultaneously with the updates for your internet browser, as we know from the Adobe Flash Player. You can easily check if Java is already installed on your computer. You can do this by searching for the Java test in your internet browser. Java will immediately perform a check and immediately let you know if the software is present on your PC. Updates can be found on the Java website. JavaScript games have the habit of running a little slower than the Adobe Flash Player games. However, most games simply run on the Java plug-in, and we assume that you want the widest possible casino game offering. The before – and disadvantages at a glance:


  • The Java code can be read by any computer – Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Works on Java-supported mobile devices
  • Popular among developers, with around 9 million developers using it
  • Available online for free
  • Easy and quick to check if Java is installed on your computer
  • All your favorite online casino games are developed for the Java plug-in


  • Not, like Adobe Flash Player, present on every computer
  • Do not provide updates simultaneously with your web browser
  • Software or updates must be downloaded manually
  • The full Java Virtual Machine must be downloaded
  • Oracle may stop with Java support within a few years
  • Slow gameplay compared to Adobe Flash Player and HTML5

HTML5 Online Casino’s

An impressive new piece of software, suitable for playing no download casino games, recently appeared on the market. We are talking about HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Language 5), put into use by the general public in mid-2014. HTML5was developed for technologies that were initially unavailable to consumers. The software has been given the time to develop and the result can be there. The use of plug-ins such as Flash and Java is not required in HTML5 and the software also runs on all operating systems and smartphones. It has never been so easy to be able to enjoy your favorite online casino game directly in your browser. It is only logical that the software is very popular among developers of online casinos. HTML5 runs on WindowsMac and Linuxand on all internet browsers and smartphones. It makes HTML5 the new leader in the world of online casino game software. Yes, HTML5 is the future. The Flash Player and Java look reasonably outdated in addition to the superior HTML5. By using HTML5, software developers can create the best and sharpest graphics, the most beautiful audio and the smoothest gameplay and animations. Playing in an HTML5 No Download Casino is a great experience that you will never forget.


  • Great graphics, video and audio
  • Faster streaming, which improves the ease of playing in live casinos
  • Does not require a Flash Player or Java plug-in
  • Loads in the browser of all smartphones and tablets, allowing you to play without the need for an extra app
  • Available on all operating systems
  • Developers can create games that are suitable for all platforms, rather than separately for desktop and mobile
  • It is assumed that HTML5 will take over the position of both Adobe Flash Player and Java, as more and more players play from their phones
  • Delivers a great, lightning fast and cinematic playing experience


  • Because it is relatively new software, not every online casino supports HTML5, which means that not all online casino games are yet available in HTML5.
  • Various HTML5 programs are being developed and it is not yet clear which one will take the leading role

No Download Casinos on your mobile phone

Good news for smartphone owners! Many of the major online casinos do everything to make their brand visible on your phone. The No Download Casinos for your phone are constantly developing in a qualitative way. With the arrival of 3G, major steps were taken, which resulted in better software apps and more advanced security for making online payments. Unfortunately, Apple does not support Flash applications on the iPhone, so you do not have access to most online casinos where real money is played. With the rise of HTML5 games that will soon change.

For the best online casinos on your mobile, check our mobile casino page.

Choose the best No Download Casino

Choosing the best No Download Casino is easy. Choose the casino that you think has the best games to offer. Take a good look at the software, you will be fine if it is comparable to that of the Download Casino. One casino will have more cool aspects than the other casino. The range of games can also vary slightly. We have already done all the hard work for you, all you have to do is choose from one of the No Download Casinos on our carefully compiled list of the Best No Download Casinos.

The best no download casinos

CasinoTop10 has compiled a special top list of the best no download casinos. Hereby the editors of CasinoTop10 not only looked at the range of games of the java and flash games, but they also looked at the level and quality of the casino bonus. Every online casino offers a first deposit casino bonus, with which you can significantly reduce the house advantage. You unlock this casino bonus by playing online casino games and you receive the money in parts to your casino account. Take advantage of the special top list of the best no download casinos!