Mobile Casinos 2020

Online mobile casinos and gambling have been increasing in popularity for some time. In recent years, mobile casinos in India have been on the rise. Many companies invest time and energy in developing the perfect apps. There are many providers of online casinos and mobile casinos. Almost every online casino also has a mobile platform. Via the top lists of Casinotop10 you can see which mobile gambling providers are the most appreciated or give away the highest bonus. Moreover, you can get a detailed description about the casino in question via the ‘review’ button, from reliability to payment. But how to start?

Best Mobile Casinos India

About twenty years ago it was unthinkable to be able to take a chance at any given moment. To experience the excitement of a casino, players had to undertake entire journeys by bike, car, train, and in the worst case, they even had to take the plane to a physical casino. Fortunately for us gamblers, times have changed.

Thanks to modern, contemporary technology, the reality of today is much more pleasant. Gone are the days when gamblers have to book far too expensive plane tickets and even more expensive hotel rooms, before traveling to Las Vegas or Reno. Today, every gambler has a smartphone or tablet with which he is able to experience the gambling pleasure of a casino at home, on the couch or in an easy chair. The term mobile casino has been around for a few years. Who would have dared to dream that twenty years ago?

Why you should play at a mobile casino:

  • If you play on your mobile, you can play online casino games anywhere, anytime;
  • Since the launch, mobile casinos have improved enormously and now have clearer and more visually appealing images than ever before; 
  • The mobile casinos have a larger number of games, including: slots, roulette, blackjack and Poker;
  • Playing at online casinos on mobile devices is safe;
  • Mobile casinos often offer different online casino bonuses than on the desktop;

Mobile Casino: Systems and Registration

Mobile casino system and registration

To begin with, it is important to know if you can use your mobile to install online casino apps. This is all possible with most Android OS, iPhones and iPads. Even if you can’t install apps, you can still play through your browser without downloading anything. Just like with other mobile apps, it is fairly easy to get the apps installed on your mobile, so you don’t have to worry about that. Often you have to register before you can play at the online casino. You do this by following the aforementioned instructions from the given casino, which can often be found under ‘register’ or ‘create account’. Creating an account is usually done in a few minutes, then you are registered and can immediately start playing!

The introduction of the iPhone caused the game developers to look for new ways to make their products attractive to a target group who craved the latest technology. Let’s take a look at the differences and similarities between the Android devices and iPhone:

  • iOS casinos have almost every game available for iPad or iPhone. Although a number of slot games are only playable on the PC or laptop due to the graphic requirements, there is still plenty to choose from. For example, how about a game of blackjack or roulette. The same also applies to the devices on which Android runs, the operating system of Google offers you almost the same experience as an online casino for PC that delivers. Android devices are also frequently provided with a handy update. For the iPhones it is a slightly different story, the older generations are getting slower due to age, but also due to the updates of iOS.
  • A large amount of casino games can be played on both Android and iPhone. The biggest difference lies in the fact that it can be difficult for Android users to find a casino app, because Google does not open its Play Store to Android Casinos where real money can be played. Because all iPhone apps come directly from the Apple App Store, this is no problem for Apple users. They quickly find a casino where they can play for big money. This does not have to be a huge problem for Android users. The average Android user who knows his way around online will not have to search long before he has found a suitable casino, where he can then simply use his Rupees.

Download and No download Android Casinos

Android Casinos have two variants; No Download and Download Casinos. As the names suggest, you don’t have to download and install anything for a No Download casino and you do for a Download Casino. Although both types of casinos run smoothly, downloaded applications usually perform slightly better than non-downloaded casinos, simply because there are fewer external influences. The fantastic news is that the HTML5 games that run on all platforms do not require that you install flash on your phone. The honesty tells us that although most casino games play top in a mobile browser, there are examples of games such as slots, which sometimes suffer from lag, simply because the games demand quite a lot from your device. Assuming your phone is powerful enough and you have enough free memory to download an application, we recommend playing in a Download Casino. That way you can open the app at any time.

Another great plus is that the game will fill your entire screen, unlike the No Download Casino, which does not run in full screen. For example, the address bar of your browser is always visible. Having said that we will return to our earlier point: the current state of play regarding Google Play, and the fact that Google does not allow users to download casino games where real money is played. You can only play for bacon and beans, purely for fun, not for money. If gambling for real money is your thing, we therefore absolutely recommend that you run a No Download Casino in your browser.

Security and Reliability at a Mobile Casino India

Mobile casinos security and reliability in India

But how do you determine in the vast sea of ​​providers which online casino is safe enough to take a gamble? First, you can look at the top 10 online casino sites we offer. These are all reliable casinos and use a secure payment method (SSL encrypted). If you decide to search outside of our lists, pay attention to the following : if few or bad reviews have been written about a casino, make sure you don’t just install software from it and look further at a more reliable provider. In general, mobile gambling is safer than via the desktop.

Most online casinos still allow players to play for free for games. But if you want to play for money, you will have to make a deposit. So how to pay? Rest assured, almost every mobile casino application offers its players quite a lot of choices when it comes to payment options. Worried if your privacy and data are secure? No need for anything. The mobile casinos India use advanced encryption methods that allow players to gamble, make payments and receive payouts in an extremely secure environment. All mobile casinos selected by ususe the same excellent security methods as their online variants on the PC. They all use the internationally used SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data encryption algorithms, the same type of online secure that banks use.

Payment methods at Mobile Casino India

Mobile casino payment method

At most online casinos you can play for money or without bet. If you want to play for money then credit card and Skrill are frequently seen payment methods. Skrill gambling is of course the most common in India. At all Skrill casinos, when you deposit, the money is directly visible on your online casino account. You can then get started right away and you will not lose any playing pleasure. A Maestro casino is an online casino that accepts Maestro as a generally valid means of payment. As an online casino Maestroaccepts as a valid payment method, this means that you can go to this casino with your current account and the corresponding debit card. Read more about the different payment methods by clicking on the iPhone or go to payment methods.

When deciding to go for real gambling, take a look at our top list. In addition to reliability and security, these casinos also offer substantial bonuses that can amount to hundreds of Rupees! In this list you will also find mobile casinos that offer a ‘no deposit’ bonus. This means that you can enjoy these bonuses even without a deposit. The following promotions apply to the best four mobile casinos:

Mobile Casino Game Assortment

Mobile casino game assortment

With your mobile you can enjoy a wide range of games. This range is constantly increasing, and is hardly inferior to the online range that you have on the PC. Many casinos offer the well-known slot machines, blackjack, roulette, poker and the like. In addition, many online casino sites still have their own games in which you can participate. Enough offer, and something for everyone. There are also apps to be found through which you can participate in lotteries and sports betting.

Today you have the opportunity to play a huge amount of mobile casino games that were not available for your mobile phone a while back. The reality of today was just a few years ago, only future music that we could only dream of. A few simple slots that had little eye for design and were also poorly maintained. These slot games did not come close to the online casino versions. They were simply designed games, modeled on the original games that you could find in the online casino. Over the past decade, software developers such as NetEnt, with their Touch™, and also Microgaming, have brought the highest quality games to the market for mobile casino games. We are talking about extremely progressive mobile slot games, such as NetEnt’s new Aliens Slot game, and also mobile versions of Blackjack, Roulette and Texas Hold Em Poker.

Every player will have noticed the enormous graphic developments. The same goes for the great sound and the equally great gameplay of the most recent games. What makes the mobile versions so brilliant is that differences between the mobile version and the online version on the PC can hardly be distinguished from each other. In fact, countless gamblers prefer playing a casino game on a mobile phone rather than on a PC, simply because the mobile games are more impressive than ever. Various casino software developers are even working on casino games that are made specifically for the mobile platforms.

How do I open a Mobile Casino India account

Considering to start gambling in a mobile casino? Opening an account is a piece of cake, the sign-up process is almost identical to what you are used to in a traditional online casino. If you follow the four steps below, we guarantee you a fast, easy and enriching experience that you will not soon forget:

1. Open an online casino account

Choose a username, password and enter your e-mail address.

2. Choose your payment method

Indicate your payment preference in the appropriate field (don’t worry too much about this, mobile casino accounts usually offer the same payment methods as traditional online casino sites. We will come back to this later.

3. Verify your account

Verify your account by email (This is important because this way the casino knows for sure that you are not a robot).

4. Start playing

Congratulations, the party can begin! Nothing stands in the way of a towering profit. Just play!

Play online poker on the go

Incidentally, it is not just the traditional online casinos that have found their way to the mobile platform. The major poker sites follow a similar trend. The first big names that made the switch to mobile were PokerStars and PKR. By taking advantage of the poker hype and evolving smartly in a young, new mobile market, these companies have succeeded in significantly expanding their already huge empire. Their competitors have to check it out.

The online mobile poker rooms are just as impressive as the aforementioned online casino games. They offer fully customizable avatars and interactive chats, allowing players to communicate with each other while playing. Yes, the mobile poker rooms are really brilliant. It is therefore not surprising that millions of players on every continent can enjoy this brilliant game for hours on end.

What about my winnings at a Mobile Casino?

If you choose to play games in a mobile casino in India, you have the choice between playing a free game or a game where you go for the real money (depending on your device type). The choice is yours! Confident enough to go for the real money? Go ahead, it could just be that your original stake is doubled or maybe even tripled in a very short time. In all honesty, playing free games is a lot of fun but it is not like gambling for real money. Once you have a profit, you can have it paid out whenever you want. All you have to do is specify your payout preference, after which the casino will proceed with a payout.

Whether you choose to play in a poker room in a mobile casino or prefer to sit down at a blackjack table, it all runs fantastic and smoothly. Once you have entered your account details, you will be able to play, deposit money and make payouts of winnings. Imagine! You are in a traffic jam, waiting for the long zipper cars to crawl painfully slowly, while in the meantime you are bringing in hundreds of Rupees or maybe even millions (if you play on progressive slots).

Mobile Casino: The future of online casinos

With extraterrestrial bonuses, breathtaking graphics and endless possibilities in your palm, mobile casinos are the true embodiment of the future that the online gambling world has to offer. You could only have dreamed of this a few years ago! Mobile casinos are ideal for the online gambler who doesn’t want to miss out on the latest technological developments. Download one of the great apps on our site today, sit back and enjoy the great journey that the future will bring you!

Frequently asked questions about Mobile Casino

Can I gamble at mobile casinos with real money?

Yes, you can gamble with real money at an online mobile casino in India.

Am I entitled to a casino bonus when I play at a mobile casino?

If you play on your mobile, you are just as entitled to a welcome bonus as if you play on a desktop.

Can I play casino games on my Android tablet or iPad instead of my mobile?

Yes, if you prefer to play on a larger screen than on mobile, you can also play on an Android tablet or an iPad. Of course, if you choose to do this, you are entitled to the same mobile casino bonus that you normally receive when you play on a cell phone.

If I have already registered at an online casino, can I use the same login details on my mobile?

Yes, if you have already started playing in an online casino, you can use the same login data on your mobile as a tablet.

Is my personal information safe when playing at a mobile casino?

Yes, when you play on mobile, both your personal and bank details are safe as long as you play via a secure connection. All mobile casinos in our list have been reviewed by CasinoTop10 experts who value the safety and security measures that an online casino uses as one of the most important factors in ensuring that the online casino receives our coveted seal of approval.

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