Online Keno

With the word ‘Lottery‘, most people immediately think of Indian or English lotto. For ₹ 1.50, enter 6 numbers and a jackpot color, watch the draw on TV and have a minimal chance of winning large sums of money. Playing online lotto is a lot more fun. You determine your stake, you can choose more numbers and you will immediately see your personal draw live.

Easy Online Keno Play

The lotto game we are talking about here is called ” Keno ” in English and is available in most modern online casinos. Playing keno online is easy, fast and exciting. 

You decide how much you want to bet per number, you choose up to 15 numbers (from 1 to 80) that you think will fall and with one push on the button you allow the keno draw to take place. The payout depends on the number of numbers in the prizes.

At CasinoTop10 you can not only go for the rules of online keno, but also for other useful tips for online keno to enjoy your money for as long as possible.

Take advantage of a casino bonus

The advantage of the house with online keno is quite large and amounts to approximately 30%.

By taking advantage of a generous casino bonus you can significantly reduce the house advantage.

Every online casino offers a first deposit casino bonus that you must unlock.

By playing online keno, you also automatically unlock the casino bonus and automatically reduce the house advantage.

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The history of keno

Keno has a legendary past that goes back thousands of years. According to ancient texts, the game was created by Cheung Leung, a Chinese military leader. Cheung Leung created a lottery-like game of chance that used characters from the Chinese alphabet to raise money. Just like the modern keno game, there were 80 characters to choose from. The “white pigeon game” as it was called at the time, used carrier pigeons to communicate the results of the lottery draw to people in remote villages. The game brought a considerable stream of income to pay for the war effort. The extra income generated by the game was used to build the construction of the Great Wall.

Chinese immigrants brought the game to the western United States in the mid-19th century. The game became known as Chinese lotto and it was extremely popular in Sino-American communities. At a certain point, the Chinese characters were exchanged for numbers.

When Vegas flourished in the 1930s, Chinese lotto was renamed keno. Lotto’s were banned at that time, so the game was packed like a horse race. Players bet money on numbered horses instead of numbered boxes.

When lottoes were legally allowed, the horse race decorations were omitted and the game became known as keno. Keno continues to have a relationship with the time when it was a horse race topic. Players who choose the same number on multiple Keno cards, play multi-race tickets, and draws are still called races.

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Online keno game rules

You can’t do much wrong with keno. From a field of 80 numbers you must select a maximum of 15 and then you will have to wait and see if you have a prize. Here, the more numbers are awarded, the higher the payout. Of course you can lose more money by choosing more numbers.

You will need a ticket or another image that the site uses to replace the ticket, to play Online Keno. Playing online keno is the same as sorting out numbers on a lottery ticket. You choose numbers between 1 and 80. The players must choose at least three numbers and no more than ten.

Then choose how much money you want to play per bet; players can choose to play $ 25, $ 10 or something in between. Then the player chooses how many rounds he wants to play and chooses that number – you can play 1 round or an unlimited number of rounds with the same numbers. Once all steps have been completed, the player must click on the play button. The game will begin. The results of the numbers will be displayed at the end of each online Keno round and if you win, the money will be added to your account.

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Keno Opportunity percentages

Everyone knows that his or her chance to win the lottery is fairly small. Although Keno is a lottery-like game, the odds are slightly different. This is because at keno you can choose how many numbers you want to take to win; and unlike lottery games, you can win by only having one or two numbers right. Below you can see how the opportunities at Keno work.

Understand your Keno odds

Your chance at Keno depends a little on how many numbers you choose. The more numbers you choose, the more you need to get paid. Getting a payout on all 15 or 20 numbers is very difficult in relation to the odds, and the odds of having all 15 or 2 correct are astronomical, even if the payout is huge.

Example Keno Opportunities

At Keno, it is a popular strategy to choose a number of numbers that are on the high side closer to the middle, such as eight, nine or ten. An example payout schedule for choosing nine numbers can look like this:

Four winning numbers: Pay 1-2. Five winning numbers: Pays 3-1. Six winning numbers: Pays 40-1. Seven winning numbers: Pays 300-1. Eight winning numbers: Pay 4000-1. Nine winning numbers: Pays 37500-1. The true odds of four winning numbers are about 8-1 to your disadvantage. The odds of getting five winning numbers are around 30-1, six 174-1, seven around 1700-1, eight around 30000-1 and nine over a million -1.

Keno online

Analysis of Keno odds

As you can see, the odds at keno are not particularly in the player’s favor. However, the chance to win thousands with just $ 2 bet attracts many to keno. If you only play keno for fun, and don’t expect to win, this prospect of a big win for a minimum investment keno makes it a fun game.

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Online keno strategy and useful tips

Keno Strategy No. 1: Don’t choose just one number

It might seem attractive to choose just 1 number, thinking that you have twenty chances to win your entire bet. In reality, the chances of a single number being drawn are very low. In fact, this bet offers the house the best margin it can get at Keno, in most cases around 25 percent. In contrast, choosing groups of numbers offers the house a margin of ten percent or less.

Keno strategy no. 2: Select nine numbers

Although this is not always the case, the odds tend to be highest at nine numbers. Choosing fewer or more numbers usually gives the casino a progressive higher margin. This is not true in all cases, but it is relatively common. Nine numbers usually produce a house margin of less than five percent.

Keno strategy no. 3: Research

If you know in advance that you are going to an area with casinos that have keno, you can do some online research. Some sites have published the keno payouts for certain groups, and you can compare and check them before you decide where you will use your keno money.

Other useful online keno tips:

Make sure you have fun

Keno is a game of chance. You cannot win at keno by using a betting system or other tactical strategy. Keno is random. Just enjoy the game. Don’t think about it too long and don’t try to break the keno code. Just view the game as a form of entertainment and play for fun.

Just choose a few numbers

Keno is a lottery. No skill is required. The more numbers you choose, the worse the chances become. The best way to play the game is to stick to a small number of bets.

Look for the best payouts

Keno payouts vary from casino to casino. Look around. Look for the place with the best payouts. You should always view and compare the pay tables before you sit down and play.

Keep looking at the board

It is easy to become comfortable in the keno lounge of a real casino. If you play live keno you must ensure that you keep an eye on the big plate between your drinks.

Video keno

Video keno plays the same as a slot machine. It is usually less expensive than live keno action. Take advantage of these low minimums, but only play a single coin or credit at a time. The only time you have to play max. Credit is to get a big progressive jackpot.

Video keno has a lower house advantage than live keno, but the game is played faster. If you accelerate with video keno, you can ultimately give the house a fairly substantial advantage. Take your time, make small bets and play video keno at a leisurely pace.

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Money management at Keno

The key is that it is an almost unimportant amount. A dollar a week does not make a hole in most budgets, but two dollars per fifteen minutes can be something completely different. If you don’t make a financial plan for your keno game, you can end up with a considerable gap.

Follow your Keno game

Try to notice how much you risk at keno per hour. Depending on how many numbers you usually choose, you will collect irregularly. In that case, make sure you have enough money to play as long as you want, even if you never have a winning number. This will hopefully never happen, but if you do, you will be prepared.

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Keno Profile: Collin Pratt

If you are going to play Keno, then Collin B. Pratt is a name that you should know. This Keno expert has written a number of books on the subject, including “Power-Play Keno Plan”, “Complete guide to winning Keno”, “Powerful Profits from Keno”, “The guide to playing and winning at Keno” and “The most powerful Keno Tickets you can play! ” If you are a video keno player, then Collin Pratt has something for you in the book “Keno Winner: A Guide to Winning at Video Keno.” [Keno winner: a guide to a victory at video keno].

Collin Pratt and Keno

Keno is a game that looks simple but when you sit down to play, it can be a bit confusing. How many numbers do you have to play? How much should you bet? Which numbers should you play? It appears that many more decisions have to be made than with ‘more complicated’ games such as blackjack and craps.

With these Keno decisions you have to turn to Collin Pratt. Pratt has used his many years of Keno experience to help others become better Keno players. He has taught Keno at schools and his books about Keno tell you his perspective about the right moves.

Keno Control

If you read Pratt’s books and follow his instructions, you are not guaranteed to win in Keno. However, it will give you an advantage over other Keno players. Many Keno players start filling in their tickets without even thinking about a strategy. Collin Pratt’s students know better. They know what the most common mistakes are at Keno and how to avoid them. They know which moves to make to give them the best chance of winning.

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Important facts about Keno

– This game of chance has many similarities with a lottery.

– The Keno rules are simple and easy to remember.

– The house advantage during Keno is around 25% to 40%, depending on the chosen casino.


– Practice for free before playing for real money

– Find a casino that has a great payout.

– Choose a casino with a fantastic welcome bonus

– Do not choose too many numbers

– Calculate your chances

– Do not always choose the same numbers

– Use Multi-Race tickets

– Think carefully before you bet

– Manage your money wisely