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Wheel of Fortune

Who doesn’t know him? The wheel of fortune is known from a wide range of games. In addition to casinos, for example, it can also be regularly seen on TV. Like the ‘x factor’, where the wheel determines whether you will eat a scorpion, a cow’s eye or a portion of mother’s cake. The design of the wheel of fortune catches the eye and is used as the deciding factor for a variety of things, from monetary amounts to sex positions. Sometimes the wheel is as big as a millstone, sometimes it is covered from head to toe with lights, glitter and glamor. But in essence it comes down to one of the nicest and most exciting games of chance there are. Even if you don’t play it yourself, it’s fun to watch it. Casinotop10 also has one, and this online wheel of fortune version is reviewed here.

Wheel Of Fortune Free Casino Game

To be able to play the wheel of fortune, you don’t have to be particularly sharp in mind. The wheel is rotated by a dealer, and the outcome is determined by the box (or segment) that finally comes to a stop on the pointer. This box determines the amount of your payment. In the real casino, the pointer is often a flexible piece of rubber or leather. The stake you make determines how high the odds can possibly be. This is the only thing that people sometimes want to be mistaken about. You can’t get anything, a little bit, the same or more than your stake paid out. But you always lose your bet. So if you bet 50 Rupees and the pointer ends up at 50 Rupees, then you do not win an extra 50 Rupees but you play break-even. This is also the case in the wheel of fortune of casinotop10. By the way, it can be different at other online casinos. In addition, there are also wheels with a completely different layout. For example, you have the ‘dice wheels’, where you bet on dice and choose a number of eyes, or the ‘Mississippi Derby’, a rarer variant that works with symbols. But most of the time you will see the classic wheel of fortune with money in the online casinos. But how good is the online wheel of fortune from casinotop10?

Free casino Wheel of Fortune

The Review of the Online Casino game

At the home screen it is clear that this is about money. The chic and sometimes neat allure of a poker table is also not part of the wheel of fortune. Wheel of fortune is a game that you play to earn as much money as possible as quickly as possible. The yellow / gold background color with the ‘dollar signs’ reminds you here at the home screen. As soon as you press the red ‘start’ button you can start, that can’t be missed. It is first briefly explained that the payouts depend on the level with which you bet, so you can immediately experiment with this. The game is actually so simple and straightforward that you only need three buttons. Two buttons to lower or raise your bet, and one button to spin the wheel.

You have $ 1500 credit and you can bet a maximum of $ 1000 (minimum of 100). The wheel is divided into colorful segments. All the colors of the rainbow pass by, combined with the lights that blink on and off keep the level of autism high: you cannot keep your attention off the wheel. A total of nine out of twenty squares come out for break-even or loss, the other all ensuring a payout that is higher than your bet. This can vary with a $ 1000 bet from 2000 to $ 100,000. There are four boxes that pay out $ 0. As soon as you spin, the wheel spins around at high speed and after a few seconds the amount of money won comes to a standstill. This will then be added to (or debited from) your balance.

The game is functional and easily shows you the consequences of different heights of betting. This way you can adjust the best option to your wallet. The wheel itself is flashy, and has the allure of a fairground attraction, playful and inviting. The prices are clearly indicated, just like your credit and bet. The 3D graphics are not too high, but still ensure that the wheel comes to life a little more. The lights on the wheel are nicely finished, which gives the feeling of a real casino experience. There is no audio available, and that is a shame because that would have made the casino experience a bit more complete.

Online Wheel of Fortune from casinotop10 is a game that lets you quickly become familiar with the bets and payouts of the ‘Las Vegas wheel’. It is clear that this is not a difficult casino game like poker, but that it is just about taking money, fast and a lot. The design catches on nicely with this and gives you the first tools to continue playing ‘echoes’ at the online casinos.


Wheel of Fortune, or Wheel of Fortune, is a very simple and fun game to play. You also do not need any knowledge or technology to play this game. You just have to turn the wheel and wait for the wheel to stop and then you see what you have won. If you are a beginner and just want to see what it’s like to take a chance, this is an ideal game to start with. If you want to know more about this or other games, we recommend that you visit some other pages on our site.

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