Free Spins

Many online casinos give away free spins with which you can earn real money. You can get these free spins as part of a deposit bonus, but sometimes even without having to deposit money yourself! This is called a no-deposit bonus, you will receive a number of free spins from the online casino with which you can win real cash prizes. Free spins are also given away as a VIP reward or promotion. In order to eventually withdraw your winnings, you often have to meet certain wagering requirements. In this article, CasinoTop10 explains exactly what types of free spins there are and how you can use them as efficiently as possible. Be smart and use this!

Why do online casinos give away free spins?

As a wise casino player it is good to always check why you are offered a free bonus. In the case of the free spins it is usually because online casinos do everything to recruit new members. The competition has grown enormously, so online casinos have to come up with more and more fun ways to attract the attention of new players.

The welcome bonus used to be enough, but to receive it, a deposit from the player is expected. Now online casinos go one step further and even give away bonuses without expecting a deposit from the player. So you actually benefit from the competition between online casinos, and you can reap the benefits of this in the form of free spins.

Free spins online casino

What types of bonuses with free spins can I get?

Free spins are given away in various forms. Look in the list below for the most used free spins bonuses:

  • The no-deposit bonus: This bonus has just been mentioned, and consists of a free spins bonus for which no deposit is expected. You can receive this bonus by only registering an account with the relevant online casino. The no-deposit bonus often consists of a few free spins, such as 5-10 spins. However, this number can also amount to dozens of spins at some online casinos.
  • The first deposit bonus: This bonus is the most common bonus at online casinos, better known as a welcome bonus. The player is then asked to deposit an amount himself and is more than compensated with free bonus money and / or free spins. With this bonus the number of free spins can increase considerably, even to the hundreds.
  • The VIP bonus: If you remain loyal to your online casino and often play, deposit and wager, you can save points at many casinos that are part of a loyalty program. As you deposit more you increase your ‘VIP status’, and this includes an appropriate reward. Often exclusive free spins are given away to put the loyal player in the spotlight.
  • The reload bonus: The reload bonus works roughly the same as the welcome bonus. This bonus is also a deposit bonus, but for later deposits at the same online casino. When you deposit money again you can be compensated with extra free spins. Online casinos often choose fixed days in the week on which you can claim a reload bonus.

Can I keep the money earned from the free spins?

Hell yes! The money that you win when you use the free spins is real money, and this money is yours. However, there are often certain requirements that you must meet before you can transfer the money from your casino account to, for example, your bank account. These are the so-called wagering requirements and these differ from casino to casino. Some casinos can be very strict, while other casinos are very lenient with these conditions.

TIP: always read the bonus conditions carefully before you claim a bonus, you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises and you will know exactly what to do!

CasinoTop10 has listed the most common wagering requirements for you here:

  • The terms and conditions: this is the number of times you have to wager the winnings from the free spins before you can withdraw your won money. The play conditions can for example be 35x your winnings. For example, if you won 40 Rupees with the free spins, you have to make a total of 35 x 40 = 1400 Rupees in bets. You can withdraw the money that you then have.
  • Maximum bet: to play your winnings, you may often bet no more than a fixed amount per bet. This can for example be 5 Rupees. If you bet more, the bet will not count towards the play conditions.
  • Bonus period: online casinos often indicate a maximum period within which you must have met all wagering requirements for the bonus. If you have not yet succeeded, the bonus will expire. A typical bonus period is two to four weeks.
  • Connected slots: often you can only use the free spins bonus with a fixed slot machine (for example Starburst). But also for unlocking your winnings, it is often the case that not all games count (the same amount) for the playing conditions. In general, you can clear the bonus the fastest for games such as online slots, scratch cards and keno.

If you read the above conditions, this can seem like a big job. But when you use a little enthusiasm, you have often met the conditions in no time. And don’t forget: the spins you have received are free, so you have nothing to lose! You can keep all the money that you have left after the conditions, and this can amount to substantial amounts.

Exclusive free spins

Within the free spins bonuses, one free spin is not the other. Some free spins can represent a larger monetary value than others. Online casinos often indicate this difference with terms such as ‘normal free spins’, ‘super spins’ and sometimes even ‘mega spins’. A standard free spin is usually worth 1 cent, but a super spider can be worth 5 cents and a mega spider even 10 cents. The latter two types of spins are often part of exclusive VIP bonuses.

  • There are online casinos that distribute exclusive ‘wager free’ free spins. These are free spins with no wagering requirements. You do not have to play the winnings from these spins, but you can transfer them directly to your account!

Wager free free spins can be part of a welcome bonus or VIP bonus, but you will not find it as a no deposit bonus.

Other benefits of the free spins

In addition to the fact that the free spins can bring you huge cash prizes, there are a number of other major benefits that the free spins can bring you, which you might not have immediately thought of. Watch:

  1. You do not run any financial risk yourself. Free spins are free, so even if you lose every spin without earning a cent, you don’t give anything up! With free spins you can only go forwards, not backwards.
  2. Free spins give you the chance to try out an online casino risk-free. Free spins (especially with the no-deposit bonus) give you a unique glimpse into the ins and outs of an online casino. You can see exactly whether an online casino pays out its bonus properly and how flexible the bonus conditions are and then with which payment methods and how quickly you can have your winnings paid out.
  3. Free spins give you the chance to try out an online slot machine risk-free. In addition to the fact that you can test a new online casino, you can sometimes try out new slots with free spins and discover how the slot works without having to bet yourself.

Conclusion free spins

The free spins bonus is one of the nicest and most lucrative bonuses you can get at the online casino. For this bonus, you often first have to deposit money yourself, but sometimes it is already available just by registering one account. You do not run any financial risk yourself when you use the free spins, but you can make a big profit! However, before you can withdraw your winnings, it is advisable to first review the wagering requirements or bonus conditions. Do you want to use the best free spins bonuses of the moment? Then choose a casino from our top list!