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When you think about online casinos, you think about making money. Just like with a slot machine you think of tinkling money. But there is also a free market, also for slots, where you can practice excellently. Free slots are not easy to come by, but at this place we offer free online slots especially for you. Just start the game and let the reels spin. You risk nothing – just the risk that you have such a great time that you forget that you still had to go somewhere. Although you are free, aren’t you !?

Introduction to Free Slots

In the world of online casinos, there is no genre as widespread as that of slot machines. Software developers indulge themselves and come up with the most crazy versions of slots. Whether it is a slot machine based on a series, a film, a superhero or a sport, everything can be found there. There is only a big ‘but’, playing on these slots is almost always only possible if you play for money. For those who want to practice first, who want to get the hang of it again, or who just don’t feel like playing for money, the options for free slots are much smaller. They are there, but you have to search well. Via CasinoTop10 you can read what you should pay attention to at a slot machine, what possibilities there are, and where you can find the best slots! And so you move step by step, or roll for roll your way to the big money!

How good is your online slot game? If you’re just like most people, you probably haven’t thought about it too often. With online slots, you simply drag your money to the slot machine and spin the reels. Not much to think about would you think? While online slots are not nearly the hardest of all gambling games, you still need to understand some important things about them.

The design

Apart from the amazing graphics and the wonderful special effects that can be found today in the online slots at casinos, these slot machines are also made to a certain design. For example, it varies how many reels you have on a slot machine, how many symbols, how many rounds, and what you can do with the bonus round. The bonus round in particular is of course only really interesting if you are playing for money, but for those who want to practice or just want to test their skills, free slots with different numbers of reels can also help a lot. Try one with five reels, try one with many different symbols, make yourself difficult! You will see that the fun of the game only gets more fun, and you will be glued to your screen for hours. In addition, the more roles you have, the more chance you have of winning a prize. The playing time is also longer if there is a higher number of roles, and this is of course extra fun if you play for free. If you have cashed in a bonus round, this often means that you can win a predetermined amount in addition to the amount you have already won. In addition to that the number of reels may differ, the number of paylines also varies with free slots. With a free three-reel slot machine you can have up to five paylines, which of course increases the chance of winning, because you can have more symbol combinations. These symbol combinations can make you win again! If playing on a slot machine is new to you, we recommend starting with a payline and three reels, so you learn how to play in the classic way. Did you get that all the way through, are you going to challenge more by adding more roles. If you then also start playing with more paylines, you use bonus rounds and learn when to bet, and when to stop, you will see that you win faster and more. And if you are going to win with play money, it’s time to try and win real money!

Progressive jackpots

A progressive slot machine is a slot machine with a big jackpot. If you have tried the free slots that we have selected for you, you can start playing for money, and then it becomes very interesting to play a slot machine with a progressive jackpot. This jackpot is usually connected to a network of several other slot machines, and all bets are added to the jackpot one after the other. So you see the price rise continuously, which makes playing a slot machine with a progressive jackpot even more attractive. Because if you win, you win big!

Practicing with money

You can already practice betting with some free slots. Although it concerns play money, and if you win nothing gets paid, this is a way to find out how to make a good probability calculation, and when you can best stop. Go for your intuition, but you can only develop it by practicing a lot, and it will save you a lot if you do that on a free slot.

In the long term you will never earn a lot from slots, the slot machine is designed for that. So take your loss now and then and know when to stop. Therefore always try to find out the payout percentage, this also helps to your advantage, so you can choose the best slot machine. And of course it is true that even if you play free slots, winning is still fun!

Here some tips:

1. Not All Online Slots Are Designed Same

If you play a game of online blackjack or roulette, the results are completely random; regardless of which site or virtual table you play. This is not the case with online slots. Reimbursement percentages determine the online slots. The site determines the percentage.

The site can set up online slots to return 75 cents of every dollar or 99 cents of every dollar, and any amount in between. The higher the reimbursement percentage, the lower the house advantage. You have to look around and select the online slots with the highest reimbursement percentages.

2. Know Your Progressives

A progressive machine is a machine with a progressive jackpot. You can recognize this by the progressive meter on the screen. It is generally a long song, which is constantly rising. If you find such a machine, pay close attention to how much of every dollar is deposited in the progressive jackpot. All connected progressive machines on the site pay money in the jackpot, so it is growing very fast.

It is extremely difficult to win this jackpot, but if you win it, assuming you played with the maximum number of coins that round, you win a huge jackpot. At that time you might wish that you were not playing on the free slots. But still, it happens so rarely!

3. Know Your Budget

Remember that the design of slot machines is such that if you play long enough, you always end up losing. You can assume that on average you lose between one and 25 cents on every dollar you throw in the slot machine. Of course, if you play free online slots, this is not a huge problem for you. It is therefore a long-term average, and in the short term you can achieve huge profits. Even on free online slots, winning is very enjoyable.