Play Free Roulette

Play Free Roulette

Free roulette is a very exciting game that you can always play wherever you are – thanks to our free online roulette game! Within one minute you can play roulette for free and enjoy the thrill of millions of other gamblers in the world. One of the most attractive features of free online roulette is its simplicity. Online roulette players can bet on high or low risk bets and get paid accordingly. No matter how simple free roulette games are, players have developed strategies for them. Some make sense, others are totally useless and consist of nothing more than great promises. Find more casinos on our roulette page.

Play a game of Free Roulette now

The thrill of watching the spinning red with black roulette wheel has been drawing the attention of many fanatic gamblers around the world for hundreds of years. It is a game that is not only worshiped by some of the world’s high rollers, but also by the much less experienced or rich gamblers. And while this lucky game has very easy rules that are easy to implement, a lot of the success in playing roulette comes down to placing the right bets. If you want to become a Roulette pro, you can practice nicely by playing our free Roulette game.

The Benefits of Free Online Roulette

  • Gives you the chance to practice betting and strategies
  • Do not affect your bankroll when you lose 
  • Gives you an advantage if you switch to betting with real money 
  • Is fun and easy to learn

About CasinoTop10’s free roulette game

The free Roulette game from Casinotop10 gives you the chance to play the European version of the game online without having to invest a single cent of your bankroll. You play against the dealer on our website for free, just like you would when playing roulette for real money at an online casino.
Contrary to what is often thought, our experts believe that playing Roulette is not just about knowledge of rules and how to implement them, but also about betting in a way that ensures that your gambling experience will also be lucrative to be.
Playing roulette includes:

  • Choose how much money you want to bet;
  • Predict which numbers will win;
  • Selecting these numbers;

The purpose of Online Roulette

When playing roulette you have only one goal in the first place – accurately predict which number of the wheel the ball will stop after spinning.

How do you play roulette for free?

If you have never played Roulette, you can learn exactly how to play it by following the following simple steps. View them below!

The six simple steps for playing roulette:

1. Start the game by clicking on ‘Try it for free’ (try for free);
2. Press the ‘Play’ button;
3. Select how much money you want to bet with;
4. Place your chips on the table;
5. Click on ‘Spin’;
6. Wait until the outcome!

Detailed roulette explanation of the six steps:

1. Start the game by clicking on ‘Try for free’.
If you want to start playing free roulette, just click on the ‘Try for Free’ button. Once you have done that, our free Roulette game will load and you are already well on the way to try out roulette without risk.

2. Press the ‘PLAY’ button.
Then click on the ‘Play’ button and you will be transported directly to the wonderful world of Roulette.

3. Select how much you want to bet
Once the game is loaded and you see the roulette table pictured, you must choose exactly how much money you want to wager. In total you have a budget of no less than 1000 Rupees to bet nicely with.
The minimum and maximum bets that you can place during the game range from ₹ 0.1 to ₹ 100 respectively. However, there are other chips that you can select. These include ₹ 0.1, ₹ 1, ₹ 5, 5 10, ₹ 25 and, not to be missed, ₹ 100.

4. Place your chips (also called chips) on the table
After you have selected your stake in chips, you will have to place them on the inside or outside of the roulette betting table. If you are not sure yet how you can best place your bet, you can read all about it below.

5. Click on ‘Spin’
Once you are ready, you can continue and click on the ‘spin’ button on your screen.

6. Wait for the outcome
Then you wait for the outcome that is generated. The number on which the ball lands is displayed on both the roulette wheel and the roulette table. Hopefully luck is on your side!

The roulette table layout and how to bet

The roulette game is played using a roulette wheel and a table. The roulette wheel used in this special game is the so-called European wheel and consists of 37 different boxes. 36 of them are marked with the numbers 1 to 36 that are alternately colored black and red, and the last (or first) number is the ‘0’, which has a green background. The ‘0’ on the wheel represents the house edge of the casino (2.7%) which gives the house advantage over the players.

The table, on the other hand, consists of two parts; the inner part of the table and the outer part of the table. Bets can be placed on both parts.

Roulette table

The ‘outside bets’

The outer part of the table (see image above) is shown in green and consists of grouped bets, these bets are called the ‘outside bets’. These include different parts of the table, including the first 12 numbers (1st 12), the second 12 numbers (2nd 12), and the third 12 numbers. You can also bet on the numbers’ 1-18 ‘,’ Even ‘(equal numbers),’ Red ‘(red),’ Black ‘(black),’ Odd ‘(odd) and ’19 -36’ and each column with numbers (2-1, vertical).

The ‘inside bets’

The inside of the roulette table consists of a grid with the numbers 1 through 36 inside. Each number has a black or red color depending on the color with which the number corresponds to the roulette wheel.

Internal betting

Straight Up Bets

If you choose to bet on an individual number (a so-called ‘straight up’ bet), you must select the specific number on which you want to bet with the mouse.

Betting on multiple (or groups) numbers

Corner Bets: Here you can bet on four numbers by placing your chip on the center of the intersecting lines between the four numbers.
Line Bets: A line bet equals a ‘street bet’. However, when you bet this way you bet on 2 rows with 3 numbers. For example: 1-6, 4-9, 7-12, 13-18 and 31-36.
Snake Bet: This special bet gets its name from the snake-like pattern that is formed when betting on numbers 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 23, 27, 30, 32 and 34.
Basket Bet: The placing a ‘basket bet’, which is also known to many casino enthusiasts as the ‘first four bet’ for betting on numbers 0-1-2-3.
Voisins du Zero: Selecting the Voisins du Zero bet allows you to bet on the group numbers that can be found on the part of the roulette wheel that is next to the zero. When choosing to bet on this, you bet on the following numbers: 22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2 and 25.
Orphelins: When you press the button entitled ‘Orphelins’ you bet on a selection of numbers that can be found next to each other on the wheel. These are namely: 1, 20, 14, 9, 17, 34 and 6.
Tiers: Selecting the ‘Tiers’ bet gives you the option to bet on 12 numbers between boxes 27 and 33 that are on the other side from the wheel to the zero. These include the following numbers: 27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16 and 33.
Neighbor bet: By clicking on the ‘Neighbor bet’ you can place a 5-part straight-up bet. This includes placing a chip on a specific number and 4 of its neighboring numbers. For example, if I choose to take the number 5 as the center of my bet, the neighboring numbers that I also choose are 10, 23, 24 and 16.


Live Roulette is one of the newest additions to the online casino range. It is the hippest game of the moment, and you can have fun with it. The differences are huge! For example, you can chat with the croupier and fellow players, view the game from multiple angles, seek help during the game, no random number generator is needed because you can see exactly what happens with the roulette wheel. Since the production of a live roulette game is a lot more expensive than with its online brother, the live game is not available for free. Where most online casino games are conceived by graphic designers and controlled by computers, live dealers are of course people who get a salary. That is why the live casino games are not entirely free.

And Are You Going to Play Online Roulette Free?

The best tip we want to give you is that when you play  free online roulette  you have to stay well focused and not see it as a joke. Often, everything that is free is not taken seriously, and you make a lot of mistakes. So to get the hang of the game properly, you have to be serious about the practice money. Remember that it is really your money, and that you have worked hard for it. The best players know the strategy and understand how they can beat the house. Are you a smart player? In any case, we hope you are very lucky when playing! And if you have any questions about the game please  contact us with our editors. Who writes and reads every day with love and interest about online and live casinos. Casinotop10 is the best online casino site on the net, and we are ready for you day and night.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Free Online Roulette

1. Is there no snag in these ‘free games’?

As experienced players, we understand this remark, and that in most cases ‘free is never free’. But you will see for yourself that you can usually play free roulette without having to fill in a single form, let alone your credit card number. So you can actually just play online roulette for free without making money or data available.

2. What do I want if I do want to play for real money?

Create an account at the online casino where you would like to play online roulette, maybe this is the same casino as where you tried the free demo version of roulette. Then deposit money into your account and the real game can begin! For the best online roulette casinos of the moment you can of course look at our carefully compiled top list.

3. Are there any strategies to improve my profit?

Hell yes! Take a look at our roulette strategy page.