Free Keno

Free Keno

Free Keno is a game of chance that blends elements of Roulette, Bingo and the Lotto into a great online casino game. Keno is a game loved by gamblers all over the world. Numerous online casinos have included Keno in their game selection for that reason. How does Keno work? You can choose from 80 numbers, ranging from digits 1 to 80.

Online Free Keno Introduction

From these 80 numbers you choose a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 15 numbers. The more you gamble correctly, the higher your winnings will ultimately be. Want to play several games in a row? No problem! Instead of a round, you can also do five. And the best part, it costs you absolutely nothing! With our free game you have plenty of time to get to grips with Keno’s intricacies. You can play the free Keno game for as long as you like. Has your curiosity been stimulated? Sit back, open the free Keno game offered by CasinoTop10, and immerse yourself in the world of Keno.

Choose your lucky numbers and determine how many games you will play

Are you ready for it? Then open the free Keno game from CasinoTop10. Within seconds the game is loaded and you see the playing field appear on your screen. Now the choice is yours. Select a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 15 numbers on the playing field. Can’t choose? No problem. If you press the ‘Quick Pick’ button, 10 random numbers will be selected for you. The numbers selected by you or the computer change color. If you are not completely satisfied with your choice, you can cancel your choice. That’s a piece of cake. Simply click on the unwanted number with your mouse and then select an alternative number. You can determine how high your bet will be for each number, as long as it is between ₹ 0.10 and ₹ 5. If you want to play a single round, press the ‘Play 1’ button. Are you full of confidence and are you convinced of the numbers you have chosen? In that case you can press the ‘Play 5’ button hard, after which five consecutive draws will take place. The choice is yours. Whether you play one or five rounds, the principle remains the same. Completely randomly, the colorful balls will roll across the playing field. Always an exciting moment that every online casino enthusiast will undoubtedly enjoy. Yes, we can proudly say that our free Keno game is a true delight for fans of online casino games. At the end of the game round, your winnings will be determined by the number of correctly gambled numbers. The more you guessed correctly, the higher the amount that is credited.

Tips to keep in mind while playing Free Keno

The free Keno game from CasinoTop10 costs you nothing as a player. You are therefore free to try the game on your own. If you are considering playing Keno for real money in an online casino in the future, we recommend you to read through our handy tips. If it doesn’t bathe, it won’t harm!

  1. Keep an eye on your budget while playing Free Keno. Limit the number of selected numbers if you have little money available. A more conservative way of playing is appropriate in such a situation.
  2. On the other hand, the more numbers you gamble well, the higher your winnings. And that can add up quickly while playing this free online game. Selecting more numbers means more potential profit, but of course also a higher chance of losing. A diabolical dilemma that every Keno player will have to consider for himself.
  3. Are you in a flow after a few excellent playing rounds? Then we advise you not to increase your stake too rigorously. Keno is a pure game of chance.
  4. The more songs you play and gamble well, the higher your winnings. So pay close attention to the left side of your screen, where you can easily calculate whether the amount you have entered is worth its chances of winning.

Where can I play Keno for real money?

After playing the free version of Keno offered by CasinoTop10, do you have a taste for it and are you ready for the real thing? We understand. Keno is a great game, genius in its simplicity. If you want to play for real money you can check out our list of the best Online Keno Casinos. There are countless bonuses, promotions and sky-high winnings.

Keno Strategy and Rules

You can’t do much wrong with keno. From a field of 80 numbers you have to select a maximum of 15 and then you will have to wait and see if you have a prize. Here, the more numbers are awarded, the higher the payout. Of course you can lose more money by choosing more numbers. You will need a ticket or another image that the site uses to replace the ticket, to play Online Keno. Playing online keno is the same as sorting out numbers on a lottery ticket. You choose numbers between 1 and 80. The players must choose at least three numbers and no more than ten. Then choose how much money you want to play per bet; players can choose to play ₹ 25, ₹ 10 or something in between. Then the player chooses how many rounds he wants to play and chooses that number – you can play 1 round or an unlimited number of rounds with the same numbers. Once all steps have been completed, the player must click on the play button. The game will begin. The results of the numbers will be displayed at the end of each online Keno round and if you have won, the money will be added to your account. Take a look at our online keno page to find out more about this!

Play an Online Casino Game 

Online Casinos have improved enormously, and the offline casinos can hardly compete with the technology, speed and bonus payments that online casinos now offer. That’s why Casinotop10 has been publishing articles and reviews for years to help you (the player) make the right decision. Namely? Which online casino is the best? We look among other things at safety, reliability, payments, promotions, software, design and game offering. After reviewing these categories, we will give them a score and place them in the top list. So that you can always see which is the best online casino in India at the moment. 

After reading this page, we hope to have informed you sufficiently so that you can play with full confidence at an online casino and achieve big winnings. Whatever game you play at CasinoTop10 you can find all the explanations, strategy and tips to raise your bank account. We are always ready to help you further if you cannot solve it yourself. Please contact us via e-mail. One of our enthusiastic team members will contact you immediately and solve your problems immediately. Furthermore, we wish you a lot of happiness and pleasure.