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Play Free Blackjack? That is possible with us!

Blackjack is one of the most popular games at the casino. The first written reference to Blackjack comes from the author of the Spanish classic Don Quichot, from the first years of the 17th century. Black Sjaak has not left us since. In blackjack you play against the dealer. The point is to draw cards whose total number of points is as close as possible to 21, without exceeding 21 points.

You may be playing against the dealer with several people, which can create a feeling of “we against the house”. It is an exciting game that can be played at high speed, and can certainly cause adrenaline at the higher bets. In this article we review the online no-deposit blackjack game from casinotop10.

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There are different ways how you can win. First, if you immediately draw a blackjack. This means that the first two cards you draw are worth 21 points. This is for example possible with an ace (this is worth 11 or 1 point) and a ten. You also win if your total number of points is closer to 21 (but not higher) than the dealer, or if the dealer himself buys cards so that he ends up over 21 points. All cards are worth their own number in points, except for the farmer, the queen and the king. These are all worth 10 points. You are first dealt two cards, and then you can keep these cards or ask for an extra card, but as soon as you get the 21 points you lose immediately. The game is not too complicated, but it’s nice that Casinotop10

gives you the chance to practice with a free variant, so that you can master the intricacies. But how good is this online free blackjack exactly? The basic rules of free online blackjack are incredibly simple. You get two cards to start with and then you ask for more cards one by one. The goal is to get 21. When you’re done, the dealer does the same. The winner is the one of the two of you whose hand is closest to the 21. A free blackjack game is that simple!

Up to the 21 But Not Higher

Of course it is that if you go over 21, it is out. Your hand is dead and you lose. This also applies to the dealer: If the dealer goes over 21, his or her hand is dead. The problem is that you always have to go first! So if you are over 21, the dealer wins. Even if you play free blackjack, this is annoying!

If you get Blackjack

The best hand in a free blackjack game is that hand that gives you exactly 21 with the first two cards. This is called blackjack and you get paid 1.5 times your bet. In the other cases where you win, you simply get paid out your stake. If you play free blackjack, you get the profit obviously in play money paid. Finding the optimal blackjack strategy is not exactly easy. You must compare your cards with those of the dealer and find out whether it is wise to request another card or to pass.

You Play Against the Dealer

If the dealer starts with 5-5, he has a good chance of getting close to 21 (because most cards are worth ten). In this case, stopping at 16 or 17 is probably not good enough for you. You may have to take the risk of destroying yourself by taking another card. On the other hand, if the dealer starts with 4-3 there is a good chance that the player will break himself while trying to reach 21. Now it’s probably safer for you not to risk anything. Even if your hand is only worth 15, it is better to fit and let the dealer play himself, than to ask for a card and take unnecessary risk. Try our free blackjack game above and enter the exciting world of blackjack!

Play Free Online Blackjack

The blackjack home screen shows us a distinctive photo of a casino table. This immediately gives you the impression that you are going to play a serious game, and the feelings associated with the casino are automatically evoked. You immediately feel like playing. As soon as you click on ‘play’ you will enter the actual blackjack game.

First impression: a soft red / old-orange-colored table gives a chic feeling without being overly aggressive (in terms of color). The table says ‘dealer must draw to 16 and stand on all 17’s’, so that you are immediately familiar with the specific table rules. You therefore also know what you can expect from the dealer, and you can adjust your tactics and efforts accordingly. It also states how much the insurance pays out (2-1). With this free online blackjack you can bet widely ranging from 0.1 to Rupees. This gives you as a player the chance to start with the 2000 Rupees starting budgetto experiment, so that you will soon know in real life how much a certain bet can have on your budget. You can bet by clicking on the chip corresponding to the amount. The interface is very straightforward. The options are clearly in the lower right corner and your ‘personal dealer’ will explain what needs to be done in the top left of the screen.

When the first two cards are dealt, your total score is also displayed immediately. This helps you get used to the different values ​​and is again a useful tool to become comfortable with online blackjack. That is the strong point of this game. The idea of ​​a free no-deposit game is of course to get you used to the ‘echoes’, so that when you later sit down at an online casino table you know what to expect. Thanks to all the handy instructions and tools you will understand the ins and outs of online blackjack in no time, so that you will be one step ahead if you start betting with real money.

Play free blackjack online

The color choice and high-quality 3D graphics ensure that the table really comes to life. Certainly the decks can hardly be distinguished from a photo, blackjack is finished in the shade and the reflection. The cards are somewhat on the small side, but the score is easy to read, so it doesn’t really matter. The round table at which you play gives you a sense of perspective as if you were in a physical casino, although the game is played from above. This kind of subtle finishes contribute to the ‘casino experience‘, which in the end is not entirely unimportant. Playing blackjack for free is also possible at new online casinos.

With this game there is, in addition to the audio of shuffling and sharing the cards, the typical ‘casino sounds’, no extra music track. On small fragments that you hear when you win or lose after, it is otherwise silent. This might have been more elaborate, but some of you will be happy with this minimal audio. It gives a professional impression, so you can focus on online blackjack.


All in all, the free online blackjack from casinotop10 is a game that helps the beginner get to know the rules and the world of this age-old casino game. The graphics are refined, the game looks professional and absolutely reflects the casino experience. Anyone who wants to grow up and take the money with blackjack would do well to start here. What are you waiting for?