Caribbean Stud Poker Guide

As one of the fastest growing casino games in the world, Online Carribean Stud Poker is a game that perfectly demonstrates the excitement and fun that comes with a casino game. It effectively combines traditional five-card stud poker with a classic casino table game. The difference with this variant of poker is that you play against the house here instead of against other players. So if you see yourself as a poker lover who doesn’t like bluffing and all the other tricks you will be happy to find out that with this variant you don’t need skills to fool your opponents.

Online Caribbean Stud Poker Guide 

Today, the internet is fragmented with countless casinos to choose from. Although this may seem like a fantastic opportunity to play at any online casino from the comfort of your own home, it is often difficult for many players to choose from one of the many casinos. But you don’t have to worry about that since the experts at CasinoTop10 have scoured the entire internet to find the very best Online Caribbean Stud Poker Casino for you. Look at our list of the best Online Caribbean Stud Poker Casinos below to find the perfect casino for you!

Caribbean Stud Poker

Why play Online Carribean Stud Poker?

The growth in popularity of Online Carribean Stud Poker in recent times probably has everything to do with the fact that this game can remain attractive to every player for hours on end. The fast casino game is played with a deck of 52 cards, has a very advantageous house advantage and also has high bonuses. In addition, you often also play for a large progressive jackpot!

Online Caribbean Stud Poker rules

In essence, at Carribean Stud Poker, it’s about being able to beat the dealer’s hand of five cards with your five cards to win. But to do this you must of course know the rules!

How do you play Online Carribean Stud Poker?

The beautiful casino game, which consists of 5-card Stud, draw poker and blackjack, consists of very simple rules that are easy to remember. So if you are interested in playing casino games and are unsure about learning the Online Carribean Stud Poker rules, don’t be afraid! Let our CasinoTop10 experts teach you everything so that you can get started in no time! 

When opening the online game, the first thing you are asked to do is place a bet, which is also known as the ‘ante’. With some Online Carribean Stud Poker games you are also offered the opportunity to place a progressive side bet.

After you have done this, press the ‘deal’ button that you will see on your screen. You then receive five cards, the dealer also receives five cards. Although you can already see your own cards, you only get to see one of the five cards from the dealer.

In this phase of the game you have to decide whether to ‘call’ or ‘fold’. The card that is up at the dealer gives you an indication of which option is best to take. If you choose to ‘fold’, you give up your hand. If you choose to ‘call’ you can place a second bet that is double the amount of your ‘ante’ bet.

After you have chosen to ‘fold’ or ‘call’ the dealer’s cards are turned over so that you can see them all. You will receive your winnings if you have won the hand. If the dealer has a hand that is higher than yours, you lose your bet. If it comes to the point that your hand and that of the dealer have equal value, you win nothing and you lose nothing. This result results in a push and you get your bet back. If you manage to eliminate the dealer with a bet that is higher, the whole pot for you. If you have placed an extra side bet, you also win extra money. The amount varies per casino. Look in our table below for different hands in Online Carribean Stud Poker, how much they pay out and which ones count the highest.

The progressive jackpot at Online Carribean Stud Poker

Assuming you have chosen to place a side bet in the initial phase of Online Carribean Stud Poker, you will automatically qualify for the progressive jackpot that can come up to $ 100,000. This of course always depends on the height of your hand. For example, if you get a flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush or royal house, you will receive a payout as a reward for your progressive bet, regardless of the outcome of the dealer’s hand. Look at the table below to find out what the payouts are for the progressive jackpots on the different types of hands.

Online Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

If you add it up, Online Carribean Stud Poker Strategy comes down to whether you should ‘fold’ or ‘call’. Although if you search for it you will find countless strategies that claim to be something else, you must ignore these theories and remember some rules. First of all, you should always “call” if you have a pair or better, or with an Ace-King-Queen-Boer and X. You should only choose to “call” with the following hands: “AKQX-X”, “AKJX -X ‘,’ AK-10-XX, assuming that the dealer’s up card matches one of your cards.

Can you bluff at Online Carribean Stud Poker?

Although with original poker you can always bluff as part of the strategy when they play against others, you can leave your poker face at home with Online Carribean Stud Poker. This is because when you play against others you only play against the house.

Bet strategy and money management at Online Caribbean Stud Poker 

Money management is a crucial factor when it comes to how much money you can spend, even if you lose everything. Instead of betting on instinct, you can choose to use an Online Carribean Stud Poker betting strategy or system to properly control your money.

Often it happens that the player who starts with the luck on his / her side does not immediately win the pot of gold since the game can also run a little less, for example if you get a lesser hand. Remember that the one with the best way to manage his money is the one who gets the best out of a game of Online Carribean Stud Poker.

Become a real Online Carribean Stud Poker by playing for free!

If you are really interested in playing Online Carribean Stud Poker, we strongly recommend that you first try to play free Online Carribean Stud Poker so that you know what the game is all about, to see if the game suits you and to make some flying hours! The great thing is that if you choose to try our game for free, there is no snag, you don’t have to spend a single cent or register at a casino! What are you waiting for? Now that you know the rules and strategies you can definitely give it a try! 

The history of Online Carribean Stud Poker

It is hardly surprising that the remarkable game that we know as Online Caribbean Stud Poker has its origins in the Caribbean. It was first introduced in the 1980s at the King International Casino and found its way from there to other casinos in the Caribbean, and from there became popular in casinos on cruise ships. In the nineties, the game became known in the Las Vegas casinos that added the element of progressive jackpots to the game to get more gamblers interested in the game.

Play Online Carribean Stud Poker for real money!

Online Carribean Stud Poker is actually a casino game that you shouldn’t miss! What makes the game so much fun is that your poker face is totally unnecessary, you can leave your well-trained bakers at home! Before you start playing, we recommend that you read everything in the comprehensive Online Carribean Stud Poker guide to learn more about the game. If you have tried the free version and have enough confidence to play you should try giving the game a chance with real money! You will find some very good casinos where you can play Online Carribean Stud Poker if you look at our list of top rated Online Carribean Stud Poker casinos! Good luck!