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4 Casinos where you can use this payment method Bitcoin

One of the newest emerging trends among enthusiastic online gamblers is gambling at Bitcoin Casinos. Perhaps the main reason that these types of casinos are becoming increasingly popular is the fact that the digital cryptocurrency makes it easier for gamblers to deposit and withdraw money than other payment options. Looking for a Bitcoin Casino? If so, view our top list and guide below and start winning more Bitcoins.

What is Bitcoin Casino online gambling? 

Although Bitcoin is a relatively new phenomenonPaying with this online currency is becoming increasingly popular. For many people, Bitcoin seems to be the payment method of the future. Today, Bitcoin is not yet supported in large numbers by online casinos. That’s a shame, because paying and gambling with Bitcoin is simple. Gamblers use a wallet application on their PC, laptop or smartphone, where they enter and send the recipient’s address and amount. For ease of use, many wallets can retrieve such an address by, for example, scanning a QR code, ideal for online casinos. Nobody owns the Bitcoin network, it is managed by all Bitcoin users in the world. Developers are busy every day to fine-tune and improve the software and version they use.

Bitcoin Casino

The history of Bitcoin Online Gambling

Bitcoin is a crypto currency, which was first written in 1998 by computer scientist Wei Dai on the cypherpunks mailing list. He outlined a concept where a new money type uses cryptography instead of a central authority that manages creation and transactions. That vision of the future became reality in 2009, with the roll-out of the Bitcoin payment system. The Bitcoin protocol and software are published online and can be viewed by everyone. The digital coin began to make a name for itself in mid-2011 with the general public. A turbulent period full of price fluctuations followed. Today more and more companies, individuals and gambling palaces embrace Bitcoin. The possibilities are endless, and more and more gamblers are starting to see that. 

How does Bitcoin Casino Online Gambling work

Paying with Bitcoin is perhaps best compared to sending an email. Just as simple, a piece of cake. You send your Bitcoins to a different address, which consists of a series of letters and numbers, via the Bitcoin network, in which everyone can participate, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin does not have to be complicated for online gamblers. Think of it as nothing more than an app or computer program that offers personal Bitcoin addresses and enables a user to send and receive bitcoins. This is how Bitcoin works for most users, they act as it were their own bank. The Bitcoin network maintains a public register, the so-called blockchain, in which every transaction that has ever been processed is stored. 

Bitcoin Online Gambling

How do I start gambling online at Bitcoin Casinos?

To be able to use Bitcoin in an online casino, it is necessary that you create your own bitcoin wallet. That way you can deposit and receive money. You can choose from a desktop or online wallet. An online wallet is much nicer in terms of ease of use. But the desktop version of the Bitcoin wallet is the most secure option. Which, by the way, does not mean that web-based wallets are unsafe. In many cases, verification is used in two steps, a very reliable login system. 

Which online casinos support Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is still in its infancy. For that reason, the large online casinos do not accept payments via Bitcoin to date. The online casinos that do that are not all reliable. This makes gambling with Bitcoin a tricky story. We therefore advise you to only visit the casinos reviewed by our experts, because then you know for sure that you are in the right place. But take it from us, it’s a matter of time before you can gamble in any online casino with Bitcoin. Until that time, you can deposit and receive money at an online casino via your credit card, checking account, Neteller, Skrill or Paypal. Want to know more about payment options that online casinos offer? Then read our page about payment options. 

Five benefits of Bitcoin Online Casinos 

  • The main reason for using Bitcoin is the freedom offered. The amount of the amount to be sent does not matter. Transactions can be sent and received directly, always and everywhere. With Bitcoin, holidays, national borders and limits are a thing of the past, which means online gamblers gain and retain complete control of their money.
  • Another nice extra is that Bitcoin payments are processed without or at negligibly low costs. This way you will not incur annoying extra costs and you can take a seat carefree and move up at the roulette table.
  • Paying with Bitcoin is safe, irreversible and free of sensitive, confidential and personal information. In this way, for example, sellers are protected against losses due to fraud or unjustified reversals. Bitcoin users can also protect their money through backups and encryption.
  • With Bitcoin you have complete control over all your transactions. It is impossible for companies to enforce extra costs, as can sometimes occur with other payment methods. 
  • You do not have to enter any personal details to pay with Bitcoin. This way you are well protected against identity theft and your privacy is guaranteed at all times.

Bitcoin gambling is the future 

Safe and reliable, these are the keywords of Bitcoin. The resounding success of Bitcoin ensures that Bitcoin Casinos open their doors all over the world. These gambling houses are unfortunately not all reliable and safe. Our advice is to let gambling with Bitcoin for what it is for the time being. In our opinion, it is only a matter of time before the major online casinos start offering this new payment method to their guests. Until then, you can happily use a wide range of payment options. Choose a casino that is on our top list today! Play fun guaranteed, and who knows, you might win something too!

Apart from that, it is of course self-evident that all casinos offered at have been tested by our experts, and have thus received approval. For the best online casinos you will also find an icon at the beginning of the review which indicates that we highly recommend that casino. If you have problems with a casino, contact us quickly.