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Online bingo is a fun, pleasant and relaxed form of gambling. The rules are easy to learn and you can play it from the comfort of your home. Everyone gets a card and every time a ball is drawn with a number. The goal at online bingo is to be the first to get a row of five numbers, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. If you have a row of five numbers then you have won bingo and as a result the game.

Online bingo has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years. The Internet version of this classic game has some advantages compared to the regular bingo variant that your grandfather or grandmother play on a bingo night. Online bingo is fast, comfortable and easy to play. It is also a social game, thanks to the online bingo chat rooms where you can talk to players from all over the world.

At CasinoTop10 you can not only go for the rules of bingo and other useful strategic tips about good bankroll management, but the editors of CasinoTop10 have also put together a special top list of the best online casinos. This not only looked at the game offer, but also the best casino bonus was taken into account.

What is Online Bingo?

Online Bingo is the online variant of the traditional Bingo game that we all know. However, Online Bingo is more suitable for all types of players, and the online casino often makes the game fun and exciting by applying various promotions and graphic designs.

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Bingo online

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Online bingo rules

Bingo is a relatively easy game to learn and to play. Before the game starts, the player must purchase a Bingo card. All Bingo cards normally cost the same and a player has the option to purchase multiple Bingo cards.

For imaging: all numbers between 1 and 15 are under the B column, numbers 16 to 30 under the I, 31 to 45 under the N, 46 to 60 under the G and 61 to 75 under the O. In the middle there is a free space.

How can you win with Bingo?

When the game is started, a person will name numbers that he gets from a special round ball that contains all the balls. When this person mentions the number of the ball, the players must look on their card to see if that number is on it. If that is the case then they must mark it off. When a player has five named numbers in a row on his card, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally, this player must shout “Bingo”. The first player to have Bingo has won the game.

Online Bingo Strategy

If you are going to play bingo then there are a few bingo strategy elements that you can use to increase your chances of winning:

Online bingo strategy

Limit your Competition

In some casino games, the amount that you can win depends on the number of players you play against. In bingo this is usually not the case. Because of this you should try to find a bingo game in which you play against as few opponents as possible. This gives you the best winning opportunities. One way to play against a limited field of participants is by playing during the week or at weird times, at times when fewer players are available to play.

Play Multiple Cards

The more cards you play, the more money you can win. In some cases you can buy more expensive tickets for bigger prizes. It is often the case that due to the proportional increase in the value of prizes, it is more cost-effective to purchase several cheaper tickets in order to be more likely to win a prize than if you bought one for a higher prize.

Know the Bingo rules

Before you sit down to play bingo you need to inform yourself about the prizes and how you can win them (sometimes other prizes are awarded for number combinations other than just a single row). Know the game before you play it.

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Money management at Bingo

Bingo is a fun and usually relatively cheap way to compete for money and prizes. Many bingo players have a limited gambling budget, so it is important for bingo enthusiasts to handle their money well. Here are some tips for players who want to spend a little longer with their bingo Rupees.

Bingo Money Tip No. 1: Buy Cheap Tickets

There are a number of different tickets for sale in the bingo hall. These have different purchase amounts and prices. To optimize your enjoyment and get the most out of your bingo budget, you have to take the cheapest cards.

The prices for the most expensive tickets are usually not much better than the prices for the cheaper ones. For the cheaper cards you also get more playing fun for your money. Sensible bingo money management is making sure that a more expensive collection of cards will actually bring you better prizes. However, this is usually not the case.

Bingo Money Tip No. 2: Buy Card Packages

Some bingo halls sell packages with cards. These packages are often cheaper than individual cards. This gives you a greater chance of winning and more chance to play than you would get if you bought single tickets.

Bingo Money Tip No. 3: Find a Partner

Think about forming a team with another bingo fan. You can share the costs and the prize money. This increases your chances of winning (or reduces your costs), and it helps you to make bingo a more social activity.

If you find out that a certain price is not easy to divide, try to make an appointment. For example, you can agree that player A receives the prize in the first game, player B the prize in the second game, and so on. You can also merge all the prizes and see at the end who wants to take home which prizes.

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Variation of online bingo games

The major online bingo sites offer a range of different bingo games. You can, for example, play 75-ball Bingo or 90-ball Bingo. The bingo games also differ in terms of the patterns you need to make, ball speed and ticket prices etc. Everyone can find a bingo game to your liking!

90-ball bingo:

This variant is originally from the United Kingdom, and then became the most played form of bingo in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The numbers are sorted on the bingo card in three rows and nine columns. Each row has five boxes with numbers on it, and four empty boxes. The numbers are placed on the card in a random order, rather than in order in a column as is done at 75-ball bingo, which means that you have to focus more on finding the number on the card as quickly as possible, since it can stand anywhere.

A 90-ball bingo strip consists of six bingo cards with all numbers from 1 to 90 on it, randomly distributed on the cards. There are different winnings possible with this variation, so you can win if you have all the numbers in a row, if you have ten numbers in a row or if you have fifteen in a row!

80 ball bingo:

This type of bingo is between the small 75-ball bingo and the larger 90-ball bingo. This version has a card with sixteen boxes on it, four vertically and four horizontally. Each column has a different color to help you find other numbers on the map. A bingo strip has five cards, with all possible numbers between 1 and 80 on the five cards. These strips vary per casino, they may have four columns with 80 numbers each, or five rows with 16 numbers in each row. They contain the numbers 1-80 anyway. The winning pattern is determined by the casino itself, so this can be a straight line, three lines or another pattern. Check this carefully! 

30-ball bingo:

This is a very fast version of bingo, and it is also called ‘speed bingo’. This game is a good option for players who do not like to continue playing for too long. The bingo card is very small, with only three columns and three rows – so nine boxes in total. 30 numbers are called during the game, but unlike the other bingo versions you can only win at the majority of casinos with a full-house card, which means that all boxes must be signed. 

If you want more information about specific games that are offered online and how they work, we recommend you take a look at our bingo rules page!

The Best Bingo Apps

Fans of bingo have many great apps to choose from if they want to enjoy their favorite game on their smartphone or tablet. Bingo was one of the first casino games that made the leap to mobile devices and that’s not for nothing: the graphics are easy to shrink and the informal, social nature of the game is perfect for phones and tablets. The popular bingo apps shown here don’t let you gamble for real money but they are free to play and call before you know it you: “Bingo!”

Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz was one of the first bingo apps and remains one of the most popular, with more than 15 million people using it daily. The app combines the very best of online bingo and online slots together. With quick and addictive actions that ensure that you always feel like a game. Start the game and you can chat and play with more than a million people from all over the world. Because you can chat with each other the game is very fun and competitive, so you will compete with each other for who can call Bingo first, or type. You can also win unique prizes and unlock new levels while collecting XP points. Tablet users can open up to four bingo cards at the same time, while smartphone users can play up to two bingo cards.

Bingo Bash

Bingo Bash adds a little extra, at Bingo Bash you can easily share all your winnings via Facebook and show your friends and family how well you’re doing. Bingo Bash can be found on both IOS and Android devices, and runs equally well on both operating systems. You can score so-called power-up points when you play Bingo Bash, which allows you to unlock new cities. You will then also play Bingo in these cities. Increasing your level allows you to give more items as a gift to friends and family. This is the fun part about playing social bingo.

Bingo Dash

Bingo Dash offers exactly what it promises: a fantastic bingo app where you can have fun with your friends and family. Here you also try to gain as many points as possible and thus to advance in the game. You do this by unlocking the following levels when you score with the XP points. This app is also available for both IOS and Android devices. 

What are Online Bingo Patterns?

Online bingo games offer different ways to win. There are standard patterns, such as vertical, diagonal and horizontal, and more complex patterns such as Blackout Bingo where you have to cover all the places on your bingo card. There are also unusual patterns such as four corners, the plus sign, pumpkins, turkeys, and so on.

Online Bingo Jackpots

In addition to the regular prizes, bingo sites offer online bingo jackpots. Some jackpots are built into the games as standard and pay out daily, but there are also progressive bingo jackpots. These progressive bingo jackpots can hold up to $ 10,000 or more.

Online Bingo Chat Rooms

The chat rooms make online bingo truly exceptional. The atmosphere in the online bingo chat rooms is always very familiar and friendly, with people encouraging and congratulating other players on their winnings. The acronym WTG, which means “Way to Go” or “Well Busy!”, Is regularly used when someone makes their bingo. Many bingo players have made new friends in the online bingo chat rooms. Sometimes a chat room host organizes special chat games to make the bingo experience even more fun and enjoyable.

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